Cement Tiles Applications

Cement tiles may be used to cover any surface either for residential or commercial applications:

– Floors
– Walls
– Stairs
– Back splashes
– Ceilings
– Counter tops
– Swimming pools & fountains
– Facades

Cement tiles can be used either in-doors or outdoors.

For in-doors installations, it is recommended to apply a penetrating sealer or/and polish the tiles to protect them from water, grease and other stains.

For outdoors installations, it is highly important to protect your tiles with a penetrating sealer containing UV protection and polish the tiles with wax in order to avoid direct sunlight. This will help the tile to preserve its color and natural patina.

For installations in pools or water places, use a penetrating sealer to make your tile and grout lines are waterproof to avoid any filtration and additionally apply an acrylic concrete surface sealer on top.

Cement tiles may be designed to accommodate any architectural style such as Spanish colonial, Santa Fe, Moorish, Minimalist, Contemporary, etc… to name a few.

However, any unique style requirements can be fulfilled thanks to the flexibility of material and company.

For more information please check our installation guidelines.

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