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Cement Tiles Manufacturing Process


First of all, colors are prepared according to customer’s order specifications. Each tile is made individually, slight variations in color and shade might occur and it is an inherent characteristic in cement tiles as it is made with natural materials.

Note: It is always recommended to order accordingly to avoid ordering extras, when brokerage or cuts occurs during installation or handling.

Our artisans make each individual tile by pouring the colors in each section of the design mold.

Note: As a manufacturer, we are able to create new designs, shapes and textures according to your project specification.

Divider is set into the mold, this divider will separate the colors to create the surface of the cement tile.

Divider is removed and a mixture of fine sand and Portland cement is applied. This is the second layer used as a drier and reinforces the first layer of the cement tile.

A porous mixture made of sand and Portland cement is applied, this third layer has the required thickness for impact strength. Our cement tiles are hydraulically pressed to give to the cement tiles their harness. There are other manufacturers that use hand presses, but this process doesn’t grant the tiles to have the same strength.Cement tiles are cured under water for a 24 hours period for extra hardness and then tiles are placed in a solarium to get dry for other 24 hours.

Finally, tiles go through a meticulous quality control, checking piece by piece, to carefully select the pieces that will complete the order and then cement tiles are packaged and palletized to be shipped to the customer.


Design Studio

Create your own cement tiles design with a software that personalizes and adapts your ideas. Start creating your own signature within your projects.