Cement Tiles Craquelure 07

Laura Gottwald Cement Tile Collection

Craquelure-07 / LG88307
Size: 8″x8″ (20×20 cm)
Thickness: 5/8″ (1.60 cm)
Weight: 3 lbs (1.30 kgs)
Sf: 2.3 pieces
Order by box of 12 pieces (5.22 Sf)

Handmade Cement Tiles
By Original Mission Tile

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Handmade Cement tiles | Original Mission Tile

Design colors list:
S-213 Rojo Palo Alto, S-118 Peacock & S-293 Azul Caribe

Note: All cement tile designs can be customized by using our 60 colors palette.

About the designer:
Laura Gottwald & Associates was founded in 1987 to design smart, vibrant, highly personal interiors and products. Please visit us on the web at www.lauragottwald.com to see our catalogs for additional repeat patterns and creative cement tile combinations.


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