Cement Tiles Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are cement tiles installed in Wood sub-floor?
Yes!!! Cement tiles can be installed in wood sub-floors, be sure that your wood surface is hard and not flexible and use a cement backer board.

Are cement tiles used in Backsplashes?
Yes!!! Cement tiles can be used in kitchen backsplahes, cement tiles just need to be sealed to avoid absortion of any grease splatters, you can use first a penetrating sealaer and then have an acrylic sealer to get a thin film on the surface of the tiles, that can be cleaned with a regualr soap and water.

Are cement tiles used in freezing weather?
Yes!!! Cement tiles can be used in freezing weather, Original Mission Tiles are compact avoiding water absortion even so, we recommed to sealed cement tiles and grout to avoid any water absortion, so there is not any expansion.

Are cement tiles used with heating systems?
Yes!!! Heating systems can be used with cement tiles, cement tiles are a perfect material to conduct heat, intallation will be done as with any other tiles.

Are cement tiles installed in Bathrooms or water places?
Yes!!! Cement tiles can be installed in bathrooms and showers, in floors and walls, cement tiles and grout will need to be sealed to make them 100% water proof and avoid any damp.

Is there a diffence between cement tiles?
Yes!!! There is a huge difference, quality control and manufacturing process are those which makes the differnce, Original Mission Tile will offer the best quality cement tiles as we select piece by piece, taking care of color consistency, design definition & thickness.

Are cement tiles LEED certified?
LEED Certification just apply to the building, but by using cement tiles your project can get some points, because cement tiles are handmade, 100% recycable, not fired and save energy by been fresh in hot heather.

Are cement tiles ecologically friendly with enviroment?
Yes!!! Cement tiles are ecologically friendly, all materials are mineral and process don’t use fire, cement tiles are cured by using recycled water.

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