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Cement Tiles available sizes and shapes

Actual size is in Centimeters | All tiles 8×8 and smaller can be manufactured in 3/8″ (1.10 cm) thickness

Square cement tiles

  • 2x2x5/8 (5x5x1.60 cm)
  • 3x3x5/8 (7.5×7.5×1.60 cm)
  • 4x4x5/8 (10x10x1.60 cm)
  • 6x6x5/8 (15x15x1.60 cm)
  • 8x8x5/8 (20x20x1.60 cm)
  • 10x10x6/8 (25x25x2.00 cm)
  • 12x12x6/8 (30x30x2.00 cm)

Rectangular cement tiles

  • 2x8x5/8 (5x20x1.60 cm)
  • 4x8x5/8 (10x20x1.60 cm)
  • 4x12x6/8 (10x30x2.00 cm)
  • 6x12x6/8 (15x30x2.00 cm)
  • 8x12x6/8 (20x30x2.00 cm)

Hexagonal cement tiles

  • 8x9x5/8 (20x23x1.60 cm)
  • 10x11x6/8 (25x28x2.00 cm)
  • 12x13x6/8 (30x34x2.00 cm)

Octagonal cement tiles

  • 8x8x5/8 (20x20x1.60 cm)
  • 3x3x5/8 (7.5×7.5×1.60 cm) (Corner insert)

Fishscale cement tiles

  • 8x8x5/8 (20x20x1.60 cm)

Arabesque cement tiles

  • 8x8x5/8 (20x20x1.60 cm)
  • 10x10x6/8″ (26x26x2.00 cm)

Diamond cement tiles

  • 4.5x8x6/8 (11.50x20x1.60 cm)

San Felipe cement tiles

  • 10x10x6/8 (25x25x2.00 cm)

Bullnose cement tiles

  • 8x8x5/8 (20x20x1.60 cm) single BN
  • 8x8x5/8 (20x20x1.60 cm) Double BN (adjacent)
  • 8x8x5/8 (20x20x1.60 cm) Double BN (parallel)
  • 8x8x5/8 (20x20x1.60 cm) Triple BN

Bullnose cement tiles

  • 4x8x5/8 (20x20x1.60 cm) single BN
  • 4x12x6/8 (10x30x2.00 cm) single BN
  • 6x12x6/8 (15x30x2.00 cm) single BN
  • 12x12x6/8 (30x30x2.00 cm) single BN

Bullnose Steps cement tiles

  • 8x12x6/8 (20x30x2.00 cm) single BN
  • 8x12x6/8 (20x30x2.00 cm) Double Left BN
  • 8x12x6/8 (20x30x2.00 cm) Double Right BN

Cove base cement tiles

  • 5x8x5/8 (12.50x20x1.60 cm)
  • 6x12x6/8 (14.50x30x2.00 cm)

Cove base cement tiles

  • 6x12x6/8 (14.50x30x2.00 cm)

Cove base cement tiles

  • 3x12x6/8 (7x30x2.00 cm)