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Cement tile always adds a classy impact on homes and create amazing style.They’re known by several different names, like Victorian tiles, Cuban tiles, hydraulic tiles and Mission tiles. Many people confuse cement tiles and encaustic tiles.They look similar, but encaustic tiles had a base of clay, not Portland cement both made with different techniques.

encaustic tiles

You can easily assume the confusion; cement tile is very much its individual thing and art form.The tile maker combines colored cement and places them in a mold and then the mold goes into a hydraulic press.


Cement tile first appeared in France Catalonia in the 1850s and had been widely used all over the world. Cement tiles are technically concrete tiles because they include aggregates like marble dust and a layer of sand for reinforcement. For simplicity’s sake, though, they’re referred to as cement tiles.

In result, you will see an amazingly crafted tile with a grace that disguises its use.

Here at original mission tile, you can see Cement tiles were installed in Kitchen and Bathroom floors using a heating floor system.


We recommended using solid color cement tiles around the borders tiles to fill the spaces below the cabinet and furniture. It can make your home look more elegant and appealing. So do a bit of research regarding selecting the right pattern, designs and you can transform the way your home looks.

Cement tiles were designed to create one interlocking design using four tiles. Each tile is rotated 90 degrees to form one pattern unit. As many people are increasingly spending time in outdoor home spaces, cement tiles are an excellent choice for a courtyard, as long as you live in a temperate climate that doesn’t freeze.


Besides their unusual patterning, cement tiles have advantages over other types of tile:

Environmentally friendly– Made of natural components,  no fire, no fossil fuels are consumed in their production, made with natural colors.

Non-Slippery– You can walk Bare feet even when it’s wet.

Customize– If you don’t see an in-stock color combination, size or shape you like, a manufacturer can promptly create one for you else you can use design studio at originalmissiontile to customize your tiles.