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While you think of renovating your bathroom, as much as it is an investment of time and money, so is it of rigorous brainstorming. After all, that is where the most calming and relaxing environment has to be. Central to how good looking you want your home to be, a regular bathroom with randomly picked economical tiles doesn’t do the trick. For the retreat that your bathroom is, selecting the perfect bathroom tiles to make your bathroom create a serene environment, that at the same time maximizes space, is the deal.

To get the perfect look with optimal function, renovating a bathroom requires giving sizable attention to detail for both floor and wall tiles. You need to be sure of the design, the shape and the type of tiles that make the prime decor of your personal oasis.

Have you been confused what colour your bathroom tiles should be? Have you wondered if it should be chic, modern or classical? Have you checked the many must-have design trends of bathroom decor for 2016?

At Mission Tile, we did a careful study and analysis of the top trends to your rescue and bring to you the three easy tips to selecting the most perfect bathroom tiles for walls and floors.

Step 1- Selecting Tile Type

Keeping the durability of the bathroom in consideration, Granite and Marble have been the choice for quite some time. While they are a standard to refurbishing not just the durability but as well the beauty of a high-end bathroom floor, at the same time they require high maintenance, given their super absorbent nature. Plus, who wants the stains?

Over the cut-rate vinyl tiles or popular Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles are developing an edge. Porcelain is a water, fire and stain resistant material, and at the same time anti-bacterial. While the bathroom floor may be left with a little water around, it is a given that the tile be anti-skid. Porcelain tiles are anti-skid, demand low maintenance and draw less dirt. Our earnest thanks goes out to the innovation in Digital Print Technology for offering vivid designs in the otherwise simplistic industry. You could choose from a 3D Printed Canvas of world known painters to tinkle your artsy side or create a minimalistic natural stone look.

Bathroom tiles

Step 2: What should the size and shape of the tile be?

Over the past two years, both large and small sized tiles have been a choice. Large format tiles add sophistication, while contemporary smaller tiles as well create captivating appearances. Add a dash of a contrasting grouting in the smaller tiles, or create a luxe appearance with the larger tiles for a sprinkling of bigger space appearance.

Now how do you decide what tiles do the best for your bathroom? If in doubt, combine both!

Check out this great example of how you can use a combination of tiles both Big and Small to create the perfect look!


Step 3: The final Tile Design

The colour that you finally choose for your bathroom tile makes or breaks the look of your bathroom. If you’re looking at creating a relaxed and luxe ambiance, use a monochrome palette. Soft pastels and light colours create a brighter and spacious look. They are perfect to complement the space sense of your bathroom.  For a bathroom attached to you bedroom, also consider your room’s colour theme. If you have additional fixtures like sinks, wall lights and vanity; use a complementary colour scheme.

Check this classic wood finish bathroom mosaic tile setting with complementing raised basin to help achieve the look.


For smaller bathrooms, consider softer colour shades. Using lighter and softer hues make even smaller spaces appear bigger. For larger bathrooms, more saturated colour shades can be worth taking a risk. For a master bathroom, consider brighter hues.

If you need any help or assistance with choosing what tiles go best with your bathroom setting and space, ring a bell at Original Mission Tile and we will bring to you the best and the most vivid collection to pick from.