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Cement tile is not only beautiful — its deep colors and patterns are mesmerizing, its chalky matte texture rich and velvety — but it’s also durable, easy care and classic while at the same time being very modern.

The qualities that make Original Mission Tiles especially the Cement tiles are the best as the cement tiles comes with the beautiful designs and vivid colors

Original mission cement tiles are long lasting, easy care and low maintenance —and the same ones that make it perfect for your home tile project, whether used as patio tile, porch tile, kitchen floor tile, kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom tile, shower tile or laundry room tile.

Tile Laying Patterns

The Herring Bone Pattern

The Herringbone Pattern needs less maintenance as it binds together and does not need to be replaced. The tiles are well finished and are very durable. The arrangement is setup with rectangular patterns overlaid in symmetry.

cement tiles

The herringbone pattern tile in a kitchen backdrop, source:

The Diamond Pattern

Diamond shapes look great in cement tiles. At Original Mission we have diamond shape designs for every occasions from subtle to bold. Original Mission Diamond pattern  offers nearly infinite opportunities for customization.

Cement tile

An elegant combination of beige and chocolate colored square tiles, laid in the diamond pattern, source:

Small Format Brick Bond Pattern

The pattern looks super classic when laid in a 30×60 cm Tile. Paired with a contrasting grout, this pattern can look surprisingly stylish.

Cement tile

A small pattern brick bond beautifully adorns a kitchen wall, source: Topps

Linear bond pattern

Linear bond emphasizes on volume of the space. It creates a meaningful impact where one can feel rooted relatively more in an idea rather than fashion.

Cement tile

A linear bond bathroom backsplash, source:

The Basket weave Pattern

At Original Mission Tiles, we’re laden with multiple settings of Basket weave tiles

This sage basketweave echoes the colors of the wall tile, but is a smaller scale pattern.

Tip: When mixing or combining patterns, vary the scale for a pleasing look. Similar scale patterns compete with each other and are not easy on the eye.

Cement tile

Basketweave tiles are dynamic and can be used at almost all places in a household, source: Charlieandjo

Modular pattern

The modular tile look is a great way to add more interest to any flooring when compared to the regular pattern. The modular tiles can be used in any room just as any other tile and provide a lovely backdrop to interiors of any style. They are pre-cut and usually come in packs with the varying sizes ready to use.

Arabesque Pattern

Cement Tiles have the lush of a fine rug, its twirls and curlicues bringing as much warmth and beauty to the space as a wall-to-wall rug. It is an artsy pattern that used to create a rhythmic decoration in a linear fashion. The interlaced foliage and tendrils create an art like structure and add a drop of vintage to your homes.

Whatever pattern you pick for your home, wisely pick the colors, use dual tones and create an alluring and vivacious mirage that is both appealing and gripping.

At Original Mission Tiles, we cater to all your needs for the stated styles.