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Stock designs

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Stock designs

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Create any Style

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Your own Signature

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Cement Tiles Design Studio

Cement Tiles - Design Studio

Create your own cement tiles design with a software that personalizes and adapts your ideas. Start to create your own signature within your projects.

Cement Tiles Gallery

Cement Tiles - Gallery + Inspiration

Our presence in an international level backs us, with an inmense portfolio all over the world with our cement tiles, we invite you to know our work and our collaborations.

Cement Tiles Patterns

Cement Tiles - Tiles

For us, creativity is our inspiration, we have a group of experts in design to create beautiful cement tiles, that makes it possible to take all the ideas and turn them into reality.

Recent Cement Tiles Patterns

How Cement Tiles Are Made?

Latest from Original Mission Tile

Encaustic Tiles

Know More About Cement Tiles And Encaustic Tiles

Cement tile always adds a classy impact on homes and create amazing style.They’re known by several different names, like Victorian tiles, Cuban tiles, hydraulic tiles and Mission tiles. Many people confuse cement tiles and encaustic tiles.They look similar, but encaustic tiles had a base of clay, not Portland cement both made with different techniques. You […]


The Mexican Tile Backsplash to Pimp-up your Homes

A simple tile backsplash can change the entire look of the room from the four boring walls to something more artsy. It can both become the focal point in the whole setting and draw attention of everyone who visits, at the same time glamorizing and brightening up the colours in the room. Selecting the perfect […]


Three easy ways of selecting the perfect bathroom tiles

While you think of renovating your bathroom, as much as it is an investment of time and money, so is it of rigorous brainstorming. After all, that is where the most calming and relaxing environment has to be. Central to how good looking you want your home to be, a regular bathroom with randomly picked […]


Directory of Terms Used in The Tile Business

While you’re restructuring your home, sometimes a whole new directory of terms comes up baffling all mind and thought. Even when we are in communication with our clients at Original Mission Tile, we try explaining every term the best we can. To wholly meet the problem, we compiled a list of the most commonly used […]

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