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Marble is the best choice when it comes to design your bathroom. It’s timeless and offers class and elegance to your bathroom, adding value to your property. This beautiful stone is water-resistant. It has been used for construction for millennia; the Romans had public baths made of it! Marble is appropriate for many decor styles: traditional, contemporary,
classic, modern, and more.
If you’re looking for different ideas to use marble tiles in your bathroom, you’re at the right place. In this article, we are going to share 10 amazing ideas to style your bathroom with white marble. Have a look here!

#1. Bright marble bathroom

This beautiful, radiant marble bathroom by Jenny Martin Design shows mixing tiles shape and size, color, and veining can never go wrong. Well, who needs artifacts in the bathroom when you can add marble to the walls and floor? The black frame on the marble wall balances perfectly other elements of the bathroom.

2) Victorian Marble Bathroom

Victorian Marble Bathroom

It’s difficult to be mistaken with a light, bright marble. The classic and traditional fixtures add an extra layer of elegance and interest to space. This translucent, shiny and smooth to touch marble gives a wide-open appearance to your bathroom.

#3. Modern Subway Marble Tile Bathroom

Modern Subway Marble Tile Bathroom

Subway marble tiles are the most popular among designer bathrooms. They’re classic, durable, endlessly versatile, and insanely affordable. A white repeating bond pattern wall lends itself a variety of styles to your bathroom. Look closely and you'll notice the grooves. This style of space is just as classic and understated when paired with neutrals.

#4. All-Over Modern Marble Bathroom

All-Over Modern Marble Bathroom

If you really like marble, this style of bathroom is really for you. In this look, marble tiles are used for the sinks, tub, floor, and walls. The wooden mirror is the only touch of color in the whole space. Every element decorating this bathroom adds depth and a sense of comfort to space. Flowers and candle lights, along with fresh, clean towels are something you’d want to see permanently in your bathroom.

#5. Bathroom With Marble Alcove

Bathroom With Marble Alcove

The way marble is placed into the alcove brings attention towards it and makes space seem even larger. The inset mosaic tile on the tub and a wall serve as a way to break up the large marble floor tiles.

#6. Chrome and Marble Bathroom

Chrome and Marble Bathroom

This modern, minimalist bathroom features two main textures: a highly contrasting marble, and shiny chrome. The effect of a dramatic vein marble is different from its softer version. This one has a bigger visual impact and dominates the space.

#7. Glam Marble Bathroom

Glam Marble Bathroom

You can use marble to get quirkier looks, just like this design by Sera of London Shows. The large marble tiles open up your space and gives it a luxurious look. The perfectly matching gold, mirrored furniture, and other fixtures enhance the look of your bathroom, making it more interesting.

#8. Soft Modern White Marble Bathroom

Soft Modern White Marble Bathroom

The ‘Soft modern’ term is used for typical bathroom designs. Most of the time it represents a modern look with traditional features. This typical bathroom features large white marble tiles complimented with brushed nickel fixtures. The perfect light highlights the grey veining in the white marble. This bathroom is designed by Dean Poritzky Custom Homes.

#9. Electic Bathroom With White Marble

Electic Bathroom With White Marble

This bathroom is Mia Rao’s design. The double vanity bathroom features the white marble with grey veining on the floor and walls, as well as, an interesting contrasting black wall. This monochromatic modern look is quite affordable.

#10. White Marble Bathroom With Contrasting Wallpaper

White Marble Bathroom With Contrasting Wallpaper

We’re sure this bathroom – Jennifer Worts design must be a dream of many. A clever mixing of white mosaic bathroom tiles with contrasting leaf wallpaper gives this bathroom a peaceful sense of harmony.


We know marble tiles can make any corner of your space prettier but you must take care of three important caveats:

  • First, you need to seal it properly yearly
  • Second, you need to watch out for slip-resistance as marble has low slip resistance. To counter such issues, you can use marble with the higher slip-resistance finish.
  • The next downside of marble, it requires high maintenance. You must clean them regularly to avoid stains, moisture damage, and scratches.

Well, if you think marble is just for large, palatial bathrooms, you need to reconsider it. You can use them in any type of bathroom.

Want to get more ideas on how to use white marble tile in your bathroom, follow our blog!