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Thinking of redecorating? Before simply going to buy another color of paint, take a look at the different finishes that we will show you today, this way, you will not limit yourself to painting the walls or put a new floor, but you will be inspired to combine textures and materials of all kinds, creating original, bold and unforgettable spaces.

1.- Cement mosaic

A versatile, resistant, elegant finish with an excellent quality-price ratio. Considering the enormous offer of models and shapes that exist, and that many times they are even customizable mosaics, the only limit of what you can do with them is your imagination.

They are suitable for floors, walls, and all kinds of surfaces, and best of all, they can be perfectly combined with any other type of covering.

2.- Stucco

Stucco is a paste of lime, plaster, and marble powder that has many applications in decoration. One of the most popular has to do with the textured or smooth and shiny finishes that can be achieved with it, which gives a lot of light to the environment and a great contrast to other more opaque materials.

3.- Stone

Stone is a decorative material par excellence not only because it is economical and sustainable, but also because it comes in hundreds of presentations that adapt to any space and decoration project, whether you are thinking about something more rustic or polished stone slabs that give elegance and strength to the environment.

4.- Cork

Cork is a very original decorative element, which also has excellent noise and thermal insulation properties. Cork finishes can be easily found as they are becoming very popular, and their unique texture along with their neutral color range becomes the star element of your room.

5.- Textured ceramic

If what you want is to get a play of light and shadow that integrates harmoniously with the rest of the decor, then textured ceramic can be a great alternative, especially when it comes to small or confined spaces, as it works as a decorative element that highlights and coating at the same time. It is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and corridors.

6.- Wallpaper

Who said that wallpaper is out of fashion? Not at all. It is gaining more and more popularity because the designs and quality that are currently available make it not only an economical finish but also very customizable. The best thing is that you can also combine it without issue with wood, mosaics, tiles, and anything you can think of.

7.- Wood

One of our favorite combinations for flooring is cement mosaic and wood. This is a unique amalgam because it allows you to combine very aesthetic patterns and at the same time great functionality. For example, you can place the mosaic tiles in the places that are more about to get dirty, so you avoid that the areas where the wood remains end up dirty.

8.- Apparent concrete

The apparent concrete is a finish of a very modernist trend that consists of leaving the concrete of the wall exposed, either in its direct form or with a special polishing. Its neutral tone makes it perfect to combine with other elements and contrasting materials, such as wood or mosaic. It is perfect for walls and high ceilings.

9.- Brick

Letting the brick of the wall be at the same time the finish is an idea that combines originality and warmth in any environment, but many times the wall is made of another material. In this case, you can use a coating of “exposed brick” or apparent. As you can see, they give a touch of warmth and sobriety to any space.

10.- Glass block

The glass block is perfect to divide spaces and allow the light to remain the protagonist. It comes in all kinds of colors and levels of opacity, and being a translucent material combines perfectly with bright and geometric finishes, as it highlights its visual impact.

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