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White kitchen tiles never fails to offer a timeless look to your kitchen. White is classic. It’s clean, bright, and you don’t need to take much stress while choosing contrasting colors for decoration purposes. If you think white can get boring for you, here are some interesting kitchen ideas. Whatever your interior design style, we’re sure you’ll definitely find a stylish white kitchen.

Here are the 15 modern and stylish white kitchen tiles ideas


#1. White Kitchen With Beadboard Doors

This timeless kitchen gives a harmonious feel to the home. The beadboard door cabinets give classic and enduring appeal to the kitchen. Beadboards in this white kitchen add more visual interest whereas, paneled wood offers a traditional look to your kitchen. This contemporary designed kitchen is a master plan of Bibby and Brady.

White kitchen tiles

#2. White And Blue Contemporary Kitchen

This blue and white kitchen tiles contemporary kitchen is a design of M.J. Lanphier. This daring kitchen style features bold, graphic floor tile and two-toned wood cabinets, blending function and colors with style.

blue and white kitchen tiles

#3. Antique Style White Kitchen

Add old-timey charm to your white kitchen by adding antiques. These white cabinets make your kitchen clean, fresh, and sparkling. This design is something with which you can never get bored.

Antique Style White Kitchen

#4. White Kitchen With Recycled Glass Countertops

We are sure you’ll never regret designing a white kitchen in your home. This gorgeous design is one by Massachusetts based CW Designs. The flat front cabinetry is combined with white recycled glass countertops, offering a fresh, contemporary feel to your timeless kitchen.

White Kitchen tile

#5. White High-End Farmhouse Kitchen

This white kitchen is one of the best plans of Architect Piet Boon and designer Jennifer Schmidt. They take this traditional farmhouse kitchen to the next level by designing it in all white. This ultra-modern space feels welcoming.

White High-End Farmhouse Kitchen

#6. Crisp White Kitchen

The Los Angeles based interior design Jessica McClendon is behind this beautiful white space. From white kitchen wall tiles to white cabinetry, the ultra-modern space feels inviting. The wooden floor and rug add an interesting texture to the sleek design.

white kitchen wall tiles

#7. Vintage White Cottage Kitchen

This affordable kitchen design by Alys Design out of Pittsboro, North Carolina, will surely give your white kitchen a splash of country. The white cabinets with black hardware will make you feel refreshed and your cooking space will feel like both rustic and relaxed.  A red vintage apple sign will personalize your space. The wooden shelves will give your space a modern farmhouse look.

Vintage White Cottage Kitchen

#8. Open Concept Kitchen

This open concept kitchen is designed by Erin Gates. This Boston condo kitchen features a sleek all-white kitchen with a large marble island and wire counter stools from Rove Concepts. The silvery sleek chairs offer ultra-modern look to your earthy white kitchen space.

Open Concept Kitchen

#9. White Sculptural Kitchen

The kitchen counters and sink in Michael Bruno’s Tuxedo Park home are custom made, and the dishwasher is by Fisher & Paykel.

White Sculptural Kitchen

#10. Hang Fun Lighting White Kitchen

The bronze pendants light in the kitchen brings youthful energy. They pair nicely with the kitchen bar stools as well as contrasting the glossy white subway tiles.

Hang Fun Lighting White Kitchen

#11. White Kitchen With Contrast Cabinets

We know ‘all-white kitchen’ can be a bit stark. Painting your cabinets in a subtle neutral color will maintain the light and will offer an open feeling to your kitchen, bringing in some dimension and personality to your space.

White Kitchen With Contrast Cabinets

#12. Open Shelf White Kitchen

This open cabinetry keeps everything within sight and reach. Moreover, the rose gold accessories and other colorful, stunning materials make your kitchen look beautiful.

Open Shelf White Kitchen

#13. Understated Palette And White Countertops

The black and white kitchen tiles design color adds an extra dimension to your kitchen space. This kitchen style is perfect for every home whether it’s new or 100 years old.

black and white kitchen tiles design

#14. Being In Greenery

Hang planters over the kitchen island to liven up an all-white space. You can add some framed pieces of art featuring plants to accentuate the theme further.

Being In Greenery

#15. Warm Your White Kitchen With A Rug

All white is classic. You can warm it up and add contrast without breaking out of the light color scheme with cream and earth-toned rug. Add earthy decor on the floating shelves to bring out the rug.

white kitchen floor tile ideas

Homeowners get turned off by out-dated kitchens, and we are sure the above-mentioned kitchen designs with white marble, granite counters, and the latest appliances must add some happiness to your life.  Need more white kitchen floor tile ideas for modern and stylish white kitchens, do follow us here!