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If you are about to open a store or you are a professional interiorist for franchises or businesses in the hospitality industry, you may be used to work mainly with materials and coatings manufactured “in series”, and for the same reason, you could be overlooking the many advantages that the handmade cement mosaic offers.

Today at Mission Tiles we want to share with you five reasons that show why hydraulic mosaic tile is a star element for any commercial decoration project, which can be adapted without issues to the most demanding requirements and the personality of any brand or business.

1.- It is an economical finish that does not sacrifice elegance

Cement mosaic tile conveys solidity, durability, and confidence. It is on par with the best semi-luxury coverings, and at the same time, it is a much more economical option than wood or marble and glows more elegance than ceramic tiles and other types of heavy-duty flooring.

Installing it is also much simpler and cheaper than laying stave or marble slabs, and the final effect you can achieve is more versatile since there are hundreds of models, colors, sizes, patterns, and shapes available.

2.- It is customizable

If you want a truly unique finish that is part of your brand image, the handmade cement mosaic can be made exactly the color and shape of your choice. You can even have special patterns made for floors or walls that will give an unforgettable and unmistakable touch to your store. This is very advantageous when you are working with franchisees that want to renew their image and at the same time stick to the colors and essence of the brand.

3.- It is easy to clean

Any restaurant, bar, or hotel lobby floor is subjected to heavy foot traffic, and often to a large amount of dirt. Opting for a finish that not only looks good but is also easy to clean, such as sealed cement mosaic tile, will increase its durability and will save the maintenance staff a lot of headaches.

4.- With proper maintenance, it looks like new for years to come

One of the most special features of cement mosaic tile is that every two to three years, depending on use, it can be polished and resealed, and looks as it did the first day it was installed. In addition, unlike other types of flooring, if a tile breaks, it can be replaced without issue, without having to remove the entire floor and replace it with a new one. Therefore, hydraulic tiles for a commercial interior design project are an investment for life.

5.- It is environmentally friendly

Finally, if you are working for a socially responsible and environmentally friendly company, you should know that cement mosaic tiles are among the most environmentally friendly types of coverings because unlike wood or ceramic tiles, their manufacture does not involve cutting down trees or releasing greenhouse gases.

Remember that cement mosaic is not only for floors: you can achieve incredible patterns on walls, bars, planters, and many more. Let your imagination run wild and if you need extra inspiration, take a look at our catalog of handcrafted pieces.

In Mission Tiles we are your best option to acquire handmade cement mosaic not only because we have more than fifty years of experience manufacturing pieces of the highest quality; we also offer you lots of fully customized designs that go in tune with the color palette and the essence of the brand to create an iconic environment.