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Homeowners often come across various designs when they are looking forward to renovating their home with tiles; however, they like ceramic tiles or stone tiles when included in the plans. With the amount of durability and less-maintenance nature, ceramic tile bedroom is made for the kitchens. And ceramic floor tile blends well with the bathrooms as it adds a great look to the flooring materials in any climate. Tile also works well in the entryways and other rooms, because it’s quite easy to clean. Bedrooms are the place where most of the people don’t think to use ceramic tiles as these are the places where they prefer some warmth and softness. Tiles are made up of materials that can resist heat, cold, or any severe temperature. Many people often come across the thought that it’s antithetical to the bedroom’s nature for using the tiles.
But there are other reasons that you must consider tiles in the bedroom:

  • Radiant heating – Ceramic floor tile is the right surface to install electric heating carpets for making the floor warmer and more spacious. You can feel the warmth of the floor when you start walking on the floor at any given time.
  • New styles of the tiles – Many kinds of tiles are launched in the market, especially the porcelain tiles that are considered ideal for installing it within your home. It creates an incredibly warm and soothing tone to the bedrooms. Most of the porcelain tiles can mimic the appearance of the woods or bamboos, adding a sense of style to the floors.


Here are some of the best ceramic tile bedroom ideas that you can use it for decorating your room to a significant extent:

Wood-look planks
One of the best ways to warm up the tiles that are used in the bedroom visually by using the wood-look tiles that are available in the market. If you want to install a bedroom ceramic tile floor in vibrant tones, then you must opt for the wood-look planks to enhance the beauty of the rooms.
Manufacturers in the current years have adopted producing these kinds of tiles, adding a look of the oak trees, walnut woods, pine tree woods, etc. and are making a good amount of profits by selling these tiles. Most of the designers tend to add this option to their projects when building or renovating houses as it adds a convincing look to the home.
You can also opt for the tiles that have full-body coloured porcelain tiles. You can not only install in your bedroom, but also in several places of the home. You can also add some mixtures when installing the tiles on the floor for increased visual interest.

Cool Caramel-look porcelain tiles
Most of the homeowners prefer to use 24-inch square sized porcelain tiles that are laid in a stack-bond pattern, creating long and continuous grout streams. Such kinds of designs also promote a feeling of distance and smooth movements. If you are looking forward to warming up the look of your bedroom, then you must consider installing the floor heating tiles that are electric radiant. Embedding these kinds of tiles in your bedroom can promote a warmth sensation within your bedroom.

Rectangular tiles
If you want to add textures and patterns to your bedroom, then you must use the rectangular- shaped tile patterns in a break-out format. You can come up with unique ideas as you prefer by using tiles in the form of breaking out of squares. If you are wondering what’s breaking out of the square means, then you can search for images on the web. Using, 12 x 24-inch tiles for
these types of patterns are recommended by professionals.