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The year 2022 is causing a lot of expectation in all areas, and interior design is no exception. Among the trends projected by specialists, cement mosaic or hydraulic mosaic stands out as one of the materials that will be used the most this year due to the many benefits it offers to the challenges faced by designers and users.

Therefore, we start the year explaining 5 reasons why cement mosaic will be a total trend this 2022.

1.- It is one of the most environmentally friendly finishes available.

It is no surprise that, immediately behind the global concern about covid 19, is the need to take urgent and efficient action to care for the environment. Faced with an imminent environmental crisis, all industries are looking for greener materials and less aggressive processes with Mother Nature. One of the finishes that stands out in the architecture and decoration sector for its sustainability is precisely the cement mosaic, which unlike similar coatings does not involve a combustion process in its manufacture, so its greenhouse gas footprint is much smaller. In addition, hydraulic mosaic is manufactured with local, abundant and non-toxic materials that last a lifetime and, to top it off, are reusable once the mosaic reaches the end of its useful life, as it can be ground and used as mortar.

2.- Excellent cost + quality + durability

Cement mosaic tile is more expensive than other options such as ceramic mosaic or vinyl-based flooring, however, its durability is practically lifelong, and with proper maintenance it looks like new for years, since high-strength pigments are used in a thick layer that can withstand multiple polishing and resealing. Choosing hydraulic tiles means choosing a product that not only will not need to be changed for a long time, but can also increase the value of a building or a residence.

3.- Easy to clean and maintain like new

Hygiene is becoming a widespread concern and interior designers are looking for more and better ways to realize spaces that are comfortable, safe and easy to keep free of viruses and bacteria. Sealed cement mosaic tile, unlike other more porous coatings, is very easy to clean and resists most cleaning chemicals, even those for industrial use, without any issues.

4.- It is a handcrafted product

Anything that is artisanal or handmade gives added value to any design proposal; today people want to go back to the origins and be surrounded by materials with history and full of warmth and originality. Cement mosaic is an ideal option because each piece is handmade and at the same time maintains very high quality standards.

5.- It is very versatile and customizable

Finally, let’s not forget that, because of its handmade nature, the number of designs and colors of cement mosaic is practically infinite, and it is even customizable. In fact, if you want to make design proposals with the official color of 2022 according to Pantone (Very peri), nothing will be easier than using cement mosaic as a base with exactly the pigments of your choice. 

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