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Are you looking to make your house look better? Are you confused how to make your house look beautiful? We always dream about building our house someday that the whole world would lure for. Nobody dreams about building a normal house and staying in it. Why not make your dreams come true? Let’s help you in building your dream house and making it one of the best houses when it comes to the beauty of it.

Tips and Tricks

1. Use the materials you have

Spanish design houses use Saltillo tiles the most, because of its adaptability. They are also used in various styles like Mediterranean, Southwestern. Now, if you want to change the design and style of your house, Saltillo floor tiles are the best to enhance the beauty of your house. These tiles can be used in the Kitchen, dining room and in bathrooms. Saltillo tiles add beauty to your dining room and the type of style you wish to design your bathrooms. It merges completely with the surrounding designs and increases the beauty of your home. Isn’t it exciting? This would make your dream house look much better.

2. Use the best-suited tile

Saltillo floor tiles are manufactured in three varieties. You must choose a particularly designed tile according to the character of that place in your house.
If you want to decorate your house in the traditional manner, then terracotta traditional tile must be used. They come in a splash of colours from red to gold or oranges. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favourite colour and install the tiles at your home. If you like to give a marbled look to your floors, and then you must use Manganese Saltillo. This tile will completely merge with the bright colours of your room. Well, this makes it interesting. Antique tiles are used when you like to give old Spanish style to your modern house. They can be used for your exterior walls to bring splendour and colours in your bathrooms, because of their anti-skid

3. Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Mexican Saltillo floor tiles come in various shapes and sizes in all the three styles, namely Traditional, Manganese and Antique. Each of the styles will give a unique ambiance to that room. If you want to create a particular theme in your house, then these Saltillo tiles are the best option. So, why not live like a celebrity in your own house by choosing some remarkable themes? You can also use various sizes according to your taste and design of the space. Tiles are made in hexagonal and octagonal shapes; they are also hand painted and are made up of various patterns like Riviera and Arabesque. This variety of Saltillo tiles give a traditional look to your
modern room.

4. Buy to the Size of your room

Saltillo tile must be selected according to the dimension of the room it is going to be used. You must take into account the floor area, height of the room and the design of the furniture. Bigger rooms should have large sized tiles, which would add to the depth of the living room or bedrooms. Small rooms should be fixed with smaller tiles, which would make the
room look bigger.

5. Complete all Areas

Most of the houses do not give importance to some areas in their home. Staircases are neglected within the houses. Choosing the right designed tile, your staircase can be changed to a designer place. There are a variety of designer tiles to choose separately for the steps and the base of the steps. Why not use this for your benefit? Places like Portico, Veranda, Utility areas can be fitted with broken tiles and a skilled installer can beautify the dull areas by properly cutting and grinding Saltillo tiles. By thinking outside the traditional design and by using Saltillo tiles you can create the design you dream. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Saltillo Tiles

  • They are natural and eco-friendly as they are made from clay.
  • They are handmade.
  • They are very good for your feet; feel warmer in winter and cooler in
  • They wear and tear naturally.
  • Dirt is not visible because of the natural colour and is useful for a
    family with kids.
  • Easy to maintain as it can be cleaned by using water alone.
  • You can re-seal the floor if you are in a congested area with a lot of
    dust and pollution.
  • They are uneven as they are handmade and the floor will also be
    uneven, which will be difficult for elderly people.
  • Chips off easily and this type of tile is not suited for people who like a
    perfect looking floor.
  • This floor is not suited for those who do not like the wear and tear
    look of these tiles.
  • An experienced installer is very important to install these tiles as they
    are uneven.

Saltillo tiles are the best one. Manufactured from clay which is durable in nature, this Mexican Saltillo floor tile is known for its authenticity. These tiles are commonly utilized for any kind of flooring purpose because of its beauty, durability, and easy maintenance. Popular places to use these Saltillo tiles are kitchens, dining halls, bedrooms, outdoor areas, and stairs. These tiles are available in lots of various shapes or sizes, and there are no similarities between any two tiles, enhancing the beauty of the tiles.