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Are you unsure of how to handle your minuscule kitchen? How can you make it both functional and beautiful? Though it may seem impossible, it’s not as complicated as it appears.

The internet is full of excellent ideas for making your tiny kitchen attractive. We’ll share just a few of them here.


RTA Cabinets

What are RTA kitchen cabinets? They’re cupboards that come with all the wood pieces and hardware ready for you to assemble yourself. These DIY cabinets are a great way to save money while building more storage space into your small kitchen.

In most cases, they’re straightforward to put together. You typically need only glue, dowels, and screws, as well as a screwdriver. Usually, power tools aren’t necessary, as the pieces are pre-cut and shaped.

Once you install your cabinets, you can get organized. Keep only necessary items in the kitchen, and use storage space to the max. Transparent glass containers add a decorative touch.

Vertical Space

One way to make the most of the room you have is to use the vertical areas along the walls. You can keep little-used items on top of the refrigerator or cabinets. If you have the option of installing ceiling-height shelving with crown moldings, you can have extra storage with even more style.

Smaller cupboards or shelves can go above windows. You may also want to install some along the sides of your cabinets or pantry. Putting in a bar on the end of a cupboard can help you keep towels handy without taking up room on the counter.

You may lack space for pots and pans in the cabinets. If so, you can try hanging some of them on the wall or over an island or counter. Cutting boards also hang well and can double as decoration.


Built-In Appliances

Installing your appliances against the wall flush with built-in cupboards can maximize your usable kitchen space. This solution works for even the tiniest one-wall or L-shaped kitchens. The fact that the appliances line up with the cabinetry provides a very sophisticated look.

Built-in kitchen appliances give your kitchen a modern vibe, too. Your tiny space can look clean and elegant, with the functionality you need and the beauty you desire.

You can build appliances like microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and wine coolers into your cabinets to increase your comfort and decrease kitchen clutter. You end up with a simple and inviting kitchen, regardless of its size. 


Light Colors 

White and other light colors make small rooms look more spacious. For example, you can use white cupboards and a light-colored backsplash to produce the illusion of a bigger kitchen. 

You don’t have to go exclusively white, though. You may want to choose black or colored accents. Wood can also provide an attractive contrast and convey warmth.

Intelligent use of overhead lighting also keeps a small kitchen bright. You can keep your tiny kitchen well-lit by making the most of both natural and artificial illumination. Tall windows or skylights are a big plus.



Mirrors are useful in small spaces because they can increase light and expand walls. You can place one behind a light source to amplify the brightness and create an ethereal effect. 

By installing a mirror across from a window, you produce the illusion of another one and increase the natural light in your tiny kitchen. Installing one on a shelf can be an attractive touch. You may also choose to experiment with reflective tiles glued to cupboard doors.

Often, the area behind the stove is a dark corner of the kitchen. Installing a mirror in this space can give you some extra light. This strategy can help you see the food you’re preparing and improve the scenery while cooking meals.



It may be challenging to find room for everything in your small kitchen and still make it beautiful. However, it’s not impossible. RTA cabinets can look great while increasing your storage space. Using the area on walls and over cabinetry and appliances also gives you more room.

Built-in appliances are both practical and attractive. You can use light colors and mirrors artistically while taking advantage of the extra illumination they provide. Doing all of this will help keep your tiny kitchen beautiful.