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Tiles are one of the most important things that can make a huge difference in the classiness of a household. They come in a variety of textures, sizes and materials which is why it is quite difficult to select one without thinking about an alternative for the same.

When it comes to choosing tiles for a bathroom, there are not many designing ideas that come to our mind. Although, every material has its own pros and cons and these attributes can add up to make a great story. Apart from other materials used for tile making, Cement tiles are known to be quite great for bathrooms. So, today in this article we will talk about 7 cement tiles bathroom flooring ideas that will help you to give your bathroom a unique and pretty design. So, with that being said let’s just jump right into it.

  1. Choose a unique design: One of the major benefits that we enjoy by choosing cement tiles for a bathroom is the factor of a large number of designs which it comes up with. These are hundreds and thousands of unique designs that you can choose from and thus you can offer the perfect unique ambience to your bathroom. This helps your bathroom tiling to stand out and will look perfect for a bathroom with a big accommodation space.
  2. Floor to walls design is an availability: If you are looking for a new wrapped design for your bathroom, then cement tile design can offer you the best results. The fact that they are elegant and can be used to wrap an entire section of a household makes them even more appealing as a choice. For those who are planning for a punching visual impact, going for the same tile flooring for the entire is a great choice.
  3. Add to the density: Bathrooms are known for being short on spaciousness and this is why the only thing that can offer this area its grace back is the right choice of tile. Cement tiles come in both big and small tiles and this is something that offers you the power to add the sense of depth into the area. You can use large tiles to blur the focus of the visitor to the entire room instead of a point which will automatically make them think of the area to be rather spacious than it originally is.
  4. Use it near the shower: Installation of Cement tiles can be done near a shower. This is quite a great benefit as not many tile materials are water and splash resistant. These tiles can help you to get the spotless look and you would not have to worry about the white water marks on the bathroom tiles as cement tiles repel the water droplets as soon as they touch the surface.
  5. Great prices: Another designing idea for cement tiles is that they are quite cheap compared to other kinds of tiles. This is something that offers you the power to go for high-quality ones. Cement tiles are sold at average prices so even if you intend to buy the best quality of them, you will not have to worry about your budget for even a second.
  6. Use a variety of texture: With the option of single toned, dual-toned and patterned cement tiles in the market, you can use a variety of texture to make your bathroom look unique. A bold geometric design or an intricate pattern, both of these kinds can be used by anyone as they can define the emotions of the owners perfectly.
  7. Skid-resistant shower flooring: The floor tiles in the shower are supposed to be skid resistant as it is an area which is prone to similar accidents. This is why an unpolished cement tile can be a great choice for this section of your bathroom.

So, these were some cement tile bathroom ideas that can help you to make your bathroom more attractive and lovely. Share your views on this topic in the comment section below and help others in making the right choice.