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Commercial interior design and cement mosaic tile in the new normal

Want to know why cement mosaic tile is a covering that more and more commercial interior designers and franchisees are choosing? In today’s article, we’ll explain how cement mosaics can help you achieve the most important goals of commercial decorating in the new normal after the pandemic by Covid_19.

Take note, integrate it into your projects, and win more and better customers.

1.- Open spaces

This trend is in tune with the need to avoid large crowds of people, especially in enclosed spaces. Many times, to achieve more open spaces in a local is necessary to demolish some walls and non essential divisions, but the visual division of areas with different functions is still necessary, and this can be achieved simply by applying different designs and colors of mosaic on the floor, which besides being very original, create intuitive signage and integrates well with the rest of the furniture.

2.- Sustainable materials

The trend of sustainability is not new, but it has become more about than ever. Nowadays, as part of social responsibility, companies, and franchises that have premises open to the public must be concerned that their design and decoration are respectful of the environment. In case you didn’t know, cement mosaic tile is one of the most environmentally friendly coverings because it is made with local and abundant materials, and if that wasn’t enough, its manufacture is handmade and does not generate greenhouse gases.

3.- Retro, minimalist, and rustic styles

Faced with hard times, it is very common for people to want to emulate simpler times, and that is why after difficult social situations, as in the case of the Covid_19 pandemic, vintage, retro, and rustic styles tend to become fashionable. The cement mosaic has always been characterized by its traditional patterns and designs that refer to the last century, and although you can also find extremely novel and original designs, the mere fact of using this finish already offers a cozy and soothing feeling.

4.- Hygiene insight

To offer a great experience to customers, today it is not enough to have an incredible decoration and service, it is also necessary to give visitors the peace of mind that they are in a sanitized and safe space. Therefore, it will be necessary to have surfaces that are easy to clean and also easy to maintain, preferably in light colors that allow projecting constant and deep hygiene. Cement mosaic tile perfectly meets these requirements not only for floors but also for walls and surfaces such as kitchen counters.

5.- Natural lighting

Cement mosaic and natural lighting combine very well since the opacity of hydraulic tiles creates an excellent balance with both sunlight and artificial lighting, especially in open spaces, unlike brighter or reflective surfaces.

Integration with nature

In tune with open spaces, integration with nature is a strategy that more and more venues and franchises are using to create a unique experience. The advantage of cement mosaic in this aspect is that with proper sealing it is very resistant to weathering, moisture and heat, so it can be used without issue and ensure great durability outdoors.

In Mission Tiles we are your best option to acquire handmade cement mosaic not only because we have more than fifty years of experience manufacturing pieces of the highest quality; we also offer you lots of fully customized designs that go in tune with the color palette and the essence of the brand to create an iconic environment.