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In any household, the charm of the property lies in the tile fitting. This is why it is important to choose the right variety of tile. There are a number of tiling options in the market with which you can go for. But, for those who want a classy yet subtle look, Cement tiles are the best option.

Cement tiles and small bedrooms have a great connection. These type of tiles offer great volume and offer a striking look to the room. So, if you are looking out for tiles for small bedrooms then cement tiles are a great option for you. So, today we will be talking about 7 cement tiles ideas for small bedrooms that will bring the wow factor to it instantly.

  1. Custom designs: The best part about going for a cement tile is that you can get a custom design as per your decorum needs. Tile artists can help you with the theme you have in your mind. They will create custom cement tiles that will complete the theme of your bedroom.
  2. Compact tile size: Tile size for small rooms is a very important concept to look out for when you are getting it designed. Different sizes share different emotions. Small cement tiles are perfect for a theme that requires a feeling of rush. Whereas, bigger cement tiles are great for inkling the sense of calm.
  3. Mix n Match: The tile layout in small rooms is a very important factor as it offers a nice look it. Many people use too many variations in the layout which makes the design look clumsy. This is why try to choose 3 types of layouts at maximum.
  4. Cost-effective solution: There are a lot of designers who offer cheap cement tiles for rooms. So, if you have a tight budget then instead of going for a low quality ceramic or expensive tile choose Cement Tiles.
  5. Perfect for improving visual depth: If you have a small bedroom, one of the biggest issues that you want to cover is the visual depth. This is where a cement tile will help you in a great way. They are known to make the visual impression much better by adding a sense of depth in a small bedroom.
  6. Variation and depth in colors: Choosing a cement tile that has a color variation will offer a great look to your room. Cement tiles are a bit more porous then tiles of other materials and this is why the colors in it are instilled thoroughly.
  7. Sealer adds a charm: Cement tiles are known for getting stained too easily. This is why sealer is very important. It helps to keep the beauty of the tile in place and adds to the life of the product.

So, these were 7 stunning cement tile ideas for small bedrooms. Some of them are universal while others are quite specific to small bedrooms. Share your view and experience down below.