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Tiles are one of the most important aspects of any household. Not only they enhance the charm of a house but also makes it look classy and luxurious. There are a number of tiles available in the market and that too with a long range of materials.

There are hundreds of tile brands in the market such as Kajaria, Somany, Nitco, Johnson Tiles, Asian Granito, Ceramics etc. Also, for each segment of a household, a specific kind of tile is proposed such as wall tiles, floor tiles and so on. Not to forget the fact that there are a number of materials that are used in the making of a tile such as glass, ceramic, porcelain, cement, quartz etc.

These are some of the reasons why it is not easy to select tiles for your house. But. To make things easy and simple, we have compiled the top 8 tips for selecting tiles that will help you to make the right choice without any failure. These tips are perfect for either modern or traditional design lovers. So, with all that being said, let’s just jump right into it.

  1. Choosing the right material: The first thing that you should concentrate on is the factor of choosing the right material of the tile you will be using. Ceramic files are better for walls as they are non-porous and avoid the stains easily. Whereas, for an outdoor area, anti-skid tiles with matt finish is a better choice.
  2. Picking up the right size: There is a long range of tile sizes available these days. The size of a tile ranges from anything between 300 * 600 mm to 800 * 800 mm. So, it is up to the buyer as they want to choose. It is advised to go for larger tiles if you are looking forward to providing the area with a look of lengthiness. Whereas, small tiles add to the focus of the entire room.
  3. Choice of Texture: Texture is another important aspect that you should keep in your mind while buying a tile. Wood finished tiles are perfect for bedrooms while for exterior sections, stone finish tiles are great. Also, with the new technological advancement, you can also get any kind of texture with the help of digital printing.
  4. The essence of the right colour: Another major aspect that you should look forward to while selecting tile for your house is the color of the tile. Color says a lot of things about the area where they are used. For people who do not have much time to take care of the spots and other blemishes, dark color tiles are ideal. Whereas, if you want to offer a spacious look to your room, light color tiles will do the trick.
  5. Choosing Grouting pattern: Grouting is also one of the aspects of tiling. It is advised to have grout lines as thin as possible. The reason behind this is that thin grout lines are less visible and they offer the perfect usage for what they are used for.
  6. Water compatible tiles: In the modern days, no one has got the time to spend hours drying the flooring and this is why it is important to choose tiles that repel the water. This is important to maintain the long life of the tile. Also, water repellant tiles are much more durable.
  7. Additional purchases: To be honest, tiles are quite delicate and it is normal to see them cracking here and there after a couple of months from their installation. Also, the fact that it is hard to find the same tile in future is next to impossible. This is why it is always advised to buy 5 to 10% extra tiles.
  8. Get creative: Experimenting with designs and textures is a common practice and it is a great way to put your creative skills into use. But, remember not to go overboard and stick to the limit of using a maximum of 3 textures in one room.

With all these tips, you will get the perfect selection done for the tiles of your household. Comment down below any suggestions that you might follow while selecting the tiles for your house.