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Bathrooms are an essential part of any household. It is one of those parts of the house that shows your class and taste about ever-changing trends. As we all can agree upon the fact that Bathroom tiles are more of a permanent article, picking one that looks classy even after a couple of years is essential. But, the problems come up when your bathroom is small.

Small bathrooms do leave much room to add accessories to enhance the decorum of the place. Thus, the only thing that can bring this area the much-needed charm are the bathroom tiles. So, today we will talk about 9 captivating ideas for small Bathroom tiles selection. With that being said let’s jump right into it without further ado.

  1. Color combination is the essence

    For those who are new to the magic of colors, all you need to know right now is that small bathroom should be accommodated with lighter color tiles. The reason behind this is that light colors make the area look bigger. This is normal human psychology. Also, do not forget to play around with dark tiles to offer a certain depth to the look of the bathroom.
  2. Play with the reflection

    Reflection is another important aspect that will help you to enhance the charm of your Bathroom. Tiles with glossy and metallic are a great choice for small bathrooms. The reason behind this is that these type of materials are quite reflective and the more the light in the bathroom, the bigger it will look.
  3. Small or Big? What size to choose

    From mosaic to huge, Bathroom tiles come in all shape and lengths. The thing that you should take advantage of at this place is the size of the tile. The choice of tile size should be made as per the area of its usage. Mosaic tiles look perfect around basins. The size of the tiles also defines a sense of calm. Longer tiles might cut off much and would cost more than the smaller ones but they offer a sense of calm. Whereas, small tiles offer a bit of rushing sense.
  4. Do not use too many variations 

    It is a common agenda of people that they sometimes go overboard and use tiles of several textures. But, try not to use more than 3 types of tiles in the bathroom. This is because the bathroom represents a place of ultimate calm and so too many variations will kill the mood and sense of calmness.
  5. Choose a Showstopper 

    We all want that one area in our bathroom that looks like nothing less than a heaven. So, to make this showstopper perfect, try to give the whole need a thought. Fancy Bathroom tiles are costly and are better for a big area. Meanwhile, smaller bathrooms can achieve that wow factor. The thought behind this is the use of simple tiles. White tiles might look too basic but nothing adds more charm than them.
  6. Choose the right material 

    Tiles are made with a variety of materials. Materials such as porcelain and ceramic tiles are quite affordable. Also, they offer a long range of designs and texture. So, for a small bathroom where you need the ultimate finish, they should be your first choice.
  7. Do consider “Who will use the bathroom”

    Bathroom tiles suitable for kids are definitely quite different from those tiles that are better from adults. Hexagon tiles are a great pick for a bathroom that will be used by kids. Whereas, for teens, plain and simple rectangular bathroom tiles will present a great look. At last, square tiles will be perfect for adults and seniors.
  8. Account the post-maintenance efforts

    Not all bathroom tiles are as durable and maintenance free as their alternatives. This is why you should take that point of maintenance cost into consideration.
  9. Tile placement is the essence

    Trust me, when it comes to satisfaction, nothing beats the factor of tile placement. Suppose, you install glass tiles on the floor, the only thing that will come out of it is high-level of slipperiness. Similarly, if you install natural stone tiles in the area where water is used, then all the pours of the tiles will collect mud and dirt at an alarming rate. So, do take the factor of placement of tile into consideration.

These were the top 9 ideas that will help you to get a charming bathroom. These ideas are perfect for people with any kind of taste so you can apply these without any hesitation.