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California Cement Tiles

Discovering Cement Tiles in California


Cement tiles have become a popular choice for homeowners and designers in California, known for their durability and aesthetic versatility. Whether you’re renovating a bathroom, designing a kitchen backsplash, or laying a new patio, cement tiles offer a unique solution that combines style with practicality. But where can you find these beautiful tiles in California? This guide will walk you through the best places to purchase cement tiles across the Golden State.

The Enduring Popularity of Cement Tiles

What Are Cement Tiles?

Cement tiles, also known as encaustic cement tiles, are handcrafted from cement, marble dust, and natural color pigments. Unlike ceramic tiles, cement tiles are not fired; instead, they are pressed and cured to achieve their hard, durable surface.

Why Choose Cement Tiles?

  • Durability and Longevity: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses, cement tiles are built to last.
  • Design Flexibility: Available in a range of patterns and colors, they can fit any décor style, from modern farmhouse to urban contemporary.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from natural materials, they are an environmentally sustainable choice.

Where to Buy Cement Tiles in California

Tile Boutiques and Specialty Stores

Many boutique stores across California specialize in high-quality, artisan tiles, including a wide selection of cement tiles. These stores often offer custom design services to help you create a personalized look for your home.

Notable Stores Include:

  • Tile & Stone Gallery in Los Angeles: Known for its extensive collection of designer tiles.
  • San Francisco Tile House: Offers a curated selection of handmade and artisan tiles, including unique cement designs.

Online Retailers

For those who prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes, several online retailers deliver cement tiles directly to your doorstep in California.

Top Online Shops:

  • Original Mission Tile: Our website,, not only showcases a diverse range of cement tiles but also offers the option to customize designs to suit your specific aesthetic needs.
  • Tile Bar: Provides a wide selection of cement tiles with detailed information on suitability and installation.

Home Improvement Stores

Larger chains like Home Depot and Lowe’s occasionally carry a selection of cement tiles. While the variety might be more limited, they offer convenience and competitive pricing.

Trends in Cement Tile Designs

Current Trends in California

  • Modern Farmhouse: A style that mixes rustic with modern elements, using neutral or muted colors in geometric or floral patterns.
  • Vibrant Geometrics: Bold colors and striking patterns are becoming increasingly popular for statement floors or walls.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Best Practices for Installation

  • Proper Sealing: Cement tiles should be sealed to protect their colors and finish.
  • Professional Installation: Due to their unique properties, hiring a professional for installation is recommended.

Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Cleaning: Use pH-neutral cleaners to avoid damaging the surface.
  • Periodic Re-sealing: Depending on foot traffic, re-sealing every couple of years helps maintain their appearance and durability.

Conclusion: Transform Your Space with Cement Tiles

Cement tiles offer a unique blend of beauty, durability, and versatility, making them a perfect choice for nearly any project. Whether sourced from a local boutique, an online retailer, or a larger home improvement store, these tiles can dramatically transform any space. As we continue to see the rise in their popularity across California, now is the perfect time to explore how cement tiles can enhance your own home or commercial space.