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The interiors of a house are significant. The flooring of a house plays a huge part in creating the right sort of atmosphere. To this end, picking the right tiles is very important. Terracotta ceramic tiles are a great option that one must consider. Terracotta tiles are a type of ceramic tiles made of clay, which happen to be very versatile and earthy and come in several colours and types.

Complete Overview of Terracotta Floor Tiles

terracotta kitchen floor tiles

Now, let us look at a couple of different variations when it comes to terracotta. The first variation that we will look at is in terms of the density of the tiles. You can either get tiles which are high density or ones which are low density. High-Density terracotta tiles are suitable for areas that see a lot of heavy use and even for areas that tend to be wet so that high-density terracotta kitchen floor tiles would be a good idea. Low-density terracotta tiles are cheaper than high-density ones and are an excellent choice for places that see the light to moderate use. However, using them in damp areas such as washrooms is not a good idea as they tend to absorb water. You may consider using them as floor terracotta tiles in the bedroom or the library.

Many colour variations are available when selecting terracotta tiles. That is another consideration to be kept in mind. Terracotta in its unprocessed form absorbs liquids and is thus vulnerable to mould, so tiles are often burnished to give the surface of the protection of the tile against these issues. This brings us to the discussion about glazed and unglazed tiles. The process of glazing strengthens the tile by making it harder for liquids to seep into it, thus increasing its life. However, the process of glazing takes away from the natural beauty of terracotta. Glazed options would, therefore, be great as terracotta outdoor floor tiles.

Another parameter is choosing between a machine cut and handmade terracotta. Machine cut terracotta is produced in a factory by machines, resulting in a standardized, consistent product. Handmade terracotta, on the other hand, is a handicraft item and takes longer to make, which also causes it to be more expensive. Further, the shape of the tiles may be irregular.

There is also a look-alike version of terracotta that is thinner than hand made terracotta and is less vulnerable to the problems faced by handmade terracotta. This may also be considered.

It must be carefully considered as to where the terracotta will be used and what effect is sought to be achieved. It works great for homes that want an old-world vibe to it. Terracotta tiles outdoor use may be limited in cold or wet climates as that may damage the tiles easily.

The price of terracotta tiles varies based on the type of tile being purchased. It is a unique material to use in one’s house, owing to its different characteristics. It is imperative to identify how the tiles you choose to use were manufactured, as that will determine how long the tiles will last. If the manufacturing methods and the raw materials are not up to the mark, then the tiles purchased will not last. Thus, it becomes imperative to buy from a trustworthy place that gives you a guarantee on the quality of the product.

When purchasing tiles, it makes good sense to get the exact dimensions of the room and then buy about ten percent more as that will ensure you have more than enough tiles to make up for any cuts that might need to make, or for repair work in the future.

Let us look at the maintenance care that must be borne in mind when deciding on terracotta. As terracotta is a porous material, the use of a sealing agent will have to employed periodically to ensure that the porousness of the material does not cause undue damage. Despite the use of the sealing agent, terracotta should be sparingly used in damp areas or heavy use areas for that matter. Further, any stains or wetness that happens must be attended to immediately.

Now, you know about the different types of terracotta tiles that are available, the various factors that need to be carefully considered when looking for terracotta tiles. The sort of maintenance required must also be kept in mind. An informed choice will hold you in good stead and help you get the most out of your investment in terracotta tiles, be they for indoor use or outdoor use. They do add a very earthy, homely charm to any house they are used in. If a rustic but modern look is what you are after, you must give terracotta a shot. Therefore, explore the best tiles that are in-store and buy the best one.