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One of the most impressive features of cement tile is that from its invention in the mid-18th century to the present day, its manufacturing process has changed little or nothing. Although today’s materials and pigments are used with much more efficient technology, the traditional manufacture by hydraulic press remains virtually unchanged.

Each piece is handcrafted so that a batch of two hundred, five hundred, or one thousand pieces is made with extreme care in each piece, and all those that may have any defect in the design or color are discarded. In addition, it is a highly customizable finish and the variety of creations that can be obtained with this technique is practically infinite. Is completely customizable, in fact one of the most impressive examples of custom-made hydraulic cement was the one designed and commissioned by Gaudí for the Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona.

However, what has become much richer over the years is the type of designs and the versatility of use of this covering, which fell into disuse since the sixties but has recently gained much popularity again because it is a material with an excellent balance between cost and durability, and which, to top it off, is one of the most sustainable since its manufacture does not involve the release of greenhouse gases, unlike its closest competitor, ceramic mosaic.

Today we want to help you visualize how the most modern designs of hydraulic cement look like compared to the more traditional or older ones, so you can visualize how versatile they are, what kind of environments they help you achieve, and which one or ones would look better in your decoration or interior design project.

Cement mosaic with traditional design

If you are looking to revisit a classic style, here are three types of cement mosaic with retro designs that will give a unique touch of distinction and warmth to your home or establishment:

1.- Vintage mosaic

How can we forget the cozy kitchens of our grandmothers? An excellent way to give a room a vintage air of better and simpler times is to resort to a cement mosaic design that emulates those that were manufactured for residences in the last century. More and more people are opting to replace more “modern” finishes such as linolith and ceramic tiles with this option that is also designed to last and look great for a lifetime.

2.- Mosaic rugs

Carpets always look great and give the environment great warmth and comfort, however, they have the huge issue that they get dirty easily, keep dust and mites, and cleaning them is not exactly simple or economical. The cement mosaic can be an excellent option if you want the visual elegance of the carpets and none of its disadvantages.

3.- Black and white cement mosaic tile

Undoubtedly, betting on a black and white mosaic finish is a bet that does not fail, because not only makes any room look more spacious and elegant, it also combines with virtually everything. If what you need is a versatile finish that goes well with any decor over the years, this is your best alternative.

Cement mosaic with modern designs

Almost every time we think of hydraulic mosaic invariably come to mind the most traditional designs, but the reality is that this coating has evolved with interior design trends and today in addition to the more classic options we can find very original designs that make any space unforgettable.

4.- Cement mosaic with different designs

This option has become very fashionable, especially when you are looking for eclectic and colorful designs or with a design that steals the limelight of the environment. The only thing to take into account is that it is necessary to maintain a certain visual congruence between the pieces because it is not as simple as getting loose pieces and placing them together: there must always be a common thread in the tone, shape, brightness, and patterns.

5.- Cement mosaic with 3D design

There is not much to say about the designs that create an illusion of three-dimensionality, besides the fact that they are innovative, bold, and prominent in any room. In addition, it is possible to find them in solid tones and in more daring combinations like this blue with pale yellow and black that goes perfectly with the color trends of recent years.

6.- Hexagonal cement mosaic tiles

One of the most popular trends in the world of cement mosaic is the hexagonal design, which allows you to create more aesthetic and striking color patterns, and also plays wonderfully with other materials, such as wood, creating very attractive visual divisions and less abrupt transitions between spaces.

At Mosaicos de Diseño we have a wide catalog of models: we assure you that, no matter what style of decoration you want to follow, you will find the perfect designs to materialize your ideas with handcrafted and unique pieces.