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Do you want to invest in durable, elegant finishes that add value to your property? Then handmade cement mosaic tiles are your best alternative. Not only do they withstand the passage of time better than any other coating, but you only need to give them proper maintenance every year or so to keep them looking like new.

Unlike other types of tiles, investing in cement tiles will add value to your home. The mosaic tiles are intended to remain while the rest of the decoration may change, so you must choose a style and design focused on giving breadth, warmth and neutral aesthetics to the space.

In this article, we will see precisely how to use the handmade mosaic to create basic environments that have value by themselves, regardless of the furniture or decoration that is assigned to them.

Why handmade cement mosaics?

Cement mosaic tiles, in the long run, have many advantages over ceramic tiles, and that is the reason why they increase the objective value of a space:

  • They are very resistant and difficult to break
  • If a cement mosaic tile breaks, it is easy to replace it
  • They are more slip-resistant than ceramic tile.
  • They are excellent thermal insulators
  • They are easy to maintain
  • Can be customized in any design
  • They are more environmentally friendly than other types of coverings

Kitchen mosaic: what to consider?

Whether you are looking for modern kitchen tiles or vintage tiles, you must take into account several details before choosing the mosaic and pattern you are going to install on floors, walls and surfaces.

First of all, consider that the kitchen is a space subject to more humidity than other rooms. Therefore, all the mosaic tiles you install here must be properly sealed to avoid leaks and moisture stains.

Color psychology tells us that warm tones are ideal for kitchens and dining rooms. Therefore, for the floor tile, use preferably neutral colors in the warm range and simple patterns.

You can integrate contrasting elements in the tile of the walls, using more intense tones and more stylized patterns, but do not saturate too dark colors to not take away light from the environment. Ideally, the darkest color should be on the wall that is intended for the stove counter and cabinets.

Kitchens often include permanent structures, such as counters and cabinets, which you can also cover with cement tiles. It is here that you should integrate the main element that will stand out visually. Tiles for small modern kitchens usually work in synergy with the surfaces

Bathroom mosaic: how to create a unique space?

Modern bathroom tiles are not only ceramic, today there are also hydraulic mosaic tile options that are designed to resist moisture, with all the advantages that come with its use and that we have already mentioned.

Bathrooms tend to be the smallest spaces in the home, so the finishes we choose should be focused on providing light and spaciousness. It is not recommended to use very dark mosaics in small bathrooms. In medium-sized bathrooms, they can be used as a contrasting element on a background wall. 

However, bathroom floors do lend themselves to the use of mosaics in intense tones, especially when the walls are kept in more neutral tones. On the other hand, it is preferable to give priority to the pattern on the walls and leave a basic or simple pattern on the floor.

Mosaics for rooms, halls and foyers

Normally in rooms such as living rooms, hallways and bedrooms, the mosaic is used only on the floor, so it becomes the star element of the decoration. In these cases, the mosaic can and should work for hand in hand with the architecture and with light, both natural and artificial.

Mosaic floors feel very different at first glance from inexpensive floor tile and ceramic floors, especially when they create optical illusions that give the space a unique personality. The trick here is to use neutral colors and geometric accent patterns in the center.

At Mission tile, we know how valuable cement mosaic tile can be to your home and your family’s comfort. That’s why we offer you only the best quality in materials, installation and design.