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Do you want to upgrade your kitchen? Do you want your kitchen to look beautiful and classy? To make your kitchen look beautiful and attractive, you will have to install Marble Hexagon Tiles. Kitchen is the place where you spend most of your time in a day.

You spend time to cook delicious food items and feed your family members happily. It becomes essential for you to use better quality materials during the construction of your house. Do you have to think of the guests visiting your house? You always try to dress better and present yourself appropriately in your workplace. Similarly, your house should also look good, neat, and beautiful. Your house is a place that reflects the kind of personality you are to visitors.

You can get a lot of designs and you can choose them according to your wish. It covers fewer spaces in your house when compared to the main walls or floor. In backsplash areas, you can show your level of creativity and try to give an extravagant appearance to your kitchen.

Tools you can use to install the tiles

If you have installed backsplash tiles before, and are looking for a change, you need to remove the previously installed tiles using a Hammer and a Chisel Scraper to install the new one.

For installing the Marble Hexagon Tile, here is a list of things you need-

  • The Tiles (according to your space and Size)
  • Tile cutter
  • Tile Saw
  • Grout
  • Notched Trowel
  • Tile Adhesive
  • Goggles
  • Sponge
  • The Spacers
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Measurement Tape
  • Scraper
  • Bucket

These are the list of things that you need to have before installing the Marble Hexagon Tile.

What to prepare before installing?

If you have old tiles installed previously, then there are high possibilities tiles would have been destroyed or damaged. You need to be careful while you are removing the installed tiles to upgrade it to the new tiles.
If you are installing the tiles in your kitchen, then it is essential for you to know that you can add the tiles directly to the drywall. But, in case of the areas that are usually exposed to constant moisture, you need to use the tile board for installation. Board is not necessary for installing backsplash in your kitchen. There are lots of options available for you to choose when installing the tiles. You need to be patient and skilled to build your house using the tiles on the floors or walls. You must know the exact measurements of the tiles that would suit the floors or walls. You can get in touch with a professional to learn about the techniques used to install the tiles on the floors or walls.

Choosing the layout

When you are going to place the first time, sometimes you may get confused about the
orientation of that place. You will have options to make your choice to add some
dramatic effects to your house and floors. You can also keep the pointed side in the
upwards direction that gives a classic look once the tiles arrangement is completed.
Once you determine the orientation of the tiles you are going to use, your next step
would be to decide on the location and direction. Experts state that as per their opinion you should start tiling from the bottom and then to the top gradually to give it a classy touch.

If you can use the corners of your house, it would be great. You can start tiling from
both the directions enhancing the beauty of your interiors. By doing this, you are not
compromising on the quality of the tiles and the look of your house.

Things you can avoid while installing

    Things you can avoid while installing

  • It is recommended by experts to avoid using grouts. There is a chance that the
    grouts may crack from the top and lower ends. You can use flexible elements on the
  • Kitchens have lots of electric outlets that can be vulnerable at times. It creates a lot of trouble and can be dangerous for you while installing the tiles. You can use pre-meshed mosaic tile sheets and handheld cutters to skip such sorts of troubles.
  • Do not throw the extra pieces that you have trimmed while installing the tiles. Youcan fill the leftover spaces utilizing these pieces.
  • It is essential for you to know that maintaining tiles is also an important factor once you have installed regularly. It tends to lose its shine gradually. You need to spare sometime every day to wash the tiles. It may sound difficult initially, but maintaining the tiles will ensure its longevity. You can also approach experts and take advice from them that would help in maintaining the glow of the tiles.