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In your entire home kitchen is space where most of you people don’t think of decorating the kitchen properly. People look for a classy bedroom an exotic living room but your kitchen must look good to getgood vibes and good vibes will help to make tasty food. So, let’s work out on your kitchen and decorate it with the ceramic wall. Though there are professionals who look after installing ceramic wall tile you can do it yourself. Let’s know the process in details.

Things you need to do before you start installing ceramic wall tile

 Pre-plan the installation of ceramic wall tile so that you stay well equipped and well informed with every step before jumping into the field. You must study about the installation process and bring along all the necessary equipment to complete the work with ease.

 Get some idea from the images available on the internet. It is more suggested when you are planning to DIY the ceramic wall tile installation. You can get different ideas from several images, vlogs, blogs and also from social media. You can also seek advice from your connected people.

 Buy the ceramic tiles if your choice. Once you are decided with the idea of how to place the tiles and what will be the clouds or texture. Then you must purchase enough girls to cover your kitchen. Make sure you purchase the tiles as per square feet measurement of your kitchen. There are various designs of ceramic tiles. There are few ceramic wall tiles for kitchen on plain ceramic wall tiles or ceramic subway tile you can use any of those anytime as per your choice.

  • Make a layout of your final idea. Before actually putting or setting the tiles you must prepare a layout so that you can easily set the ceramic wall tile with proper steps.Tools required for installing ceramic wall tile
  • Ceramic subway tile
  • Tile cutter
  • Tile nippers
  • V notched trowel
  •  Ceramic tile adhesive
  • Eye protection
  • Plastic tile spacers
  • 1-gallon plastic bucket
  • 3inch putty knife
  • Rosin paper
  • Plastic grocery bag
  • Painters tape
The process to install ceramic wall tile

 Select the appropriate trowel and adhesive. You should be particular about the tools that you are using and choosing the right trowel and adhesive is most important because these are the main tools that are going to help you to install ceramic wall tile.

 Protect the surrounding area like countertop, faucet and sink so that it does not get dirty with the dust and materials while installing the ceramic wall tile. You might need to cut the tile or put adhesive or putty and many more things like this which can damage the other surrounding spaces. So, protect those spaces before you start hr work.

 Follow the layout. You must follow the layout that you have prepared earlier. And work accordingly. Following the layout will help you to complete the installation of ceramic wall tiles. Locate the tiles in proper position before fixing it.

 Apply the adhesive to fix the tiles. Applying the adhesive has a special process which makes the work flawless. Start fixing tiles from the centre and spread widely. Put a second coat of the adhesive using the flat side of trowel blade. Use the trowel notch to fill the gaps at the corners. Put the tiles with decent distances from each other.

 Attach the tile sheet into adhesive. Once you are done with crediting the tile sheet then add adhesive to place it in the wall. Move forward row by row and then computer attaching entire tile sheet with adhesive to the wall.

 Don’t let your trowel stay dirty. While installing the ceramic wall sheet you must keep your trowel clean so that you can finish the work with accuracy. A messy trowel can bring flaws in your work.

 Complete the installation of tiles row by row with the adhesive and ceramic tile sheet. Whenever there is need to cut do it with accurate and fix the section appropriately to do neat work.

Tips to complete the task with accuracy

 Clean the adhesive that is extra left there to complete the work so that there is no dirt left behind.

 Keep the grout joints clear during the working so that at last there are no flaws at the end.


With the above-mentioned process, you can easily install ceramic wall tiles and enjoy beautiful kitchen.
Now installing ceramic wall tiles in your own with the above-mentioned steps and enjoy crafting your
kitchen in your own.