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Encaustic Cement Tiles for floors

Mastering the Craft of Encaustic Cement Tiles: A Comprehensive Guide

Encaustic cement tiles have steadily been gaining popularity among homeowners, designers, and architects for their unique designs and lasting durability. At Original Mission Tile, we pride ourselves in being leading manufacturers of these artistic pieces. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of encaustic cement tiles.

How are cement tiles made?

The creation process of encaustic cement tiles involves a blend of cement, sand, pigment, and marble powder. This mixture is poured into decorative molds and then pressed under high pressure to form the tile. The tiles are then cured naturally over time, ensuring a durable and resilient finish. Each piece resonates with history and artistry, evident in our cement tiles patterns 8×8.

How are cement tiles installed?

Installing cement tiles requires precision. Begin with a clean, level substrate. Tiles should be laid using a thin-set mortar, ensuring each tile is evenly set without any lip page. Using spacers ensures consistent grout lines. After setting them in place, it’s crucial to avoid stepping on them for at least 24 hours.

How to use cement tiles for floor?

When considering cement tiles for flooring, think of the space’s function and aesthetics. Choose patterns or plain colors that complement the room’s theme. Ensure they are sealed properly after installation to protect from stains and moisture.

How to make cement tiles?

While the manufacturing process requires specialized equipment, the fundamental steps involve mixing raw materials, pouring them into molds for desired patterns, pressing, and then allowing them to naturally cure. As artisans in this craft, we’ve mastered the art of producing tiles that echo both tradition and innovation.

How to clean cement tiles?

Regular cleaning with pH-neutral cleaners helps maintain their sheen. Avoid acidic or harsh chemicals that can damage their surface. Using soft mops or cloths, gently clean any spills or dirt, ensuring longevity.

How to seal cement tiles?

Sealing is essential for cement tiles, especially in high traffic or moisture-prone areas. After installation, allow the tiles to set before applying a penetrating sealer. Ensure the tiles are clean and dry, apply the sealer evenly, and then wipe off any excess. This creates a protective barrier against stains and wear.

How to cut cement tiles?

When needing to fit tiles into specific spaces, using a diamond-bladed wet saw ensures precise cuts without chipping. Always measure and mark the tiles beforehand and cut them slowly.

Where to buy cement tiles?

Original Mission Tile is your destination for top-quality encaustic cement tiles. With an array of designs, from hexagonal patterns to fishscale designs, each tile is a testament to craftsmanship and style.

In the world of home décor, encaustic cement tiles stand out for their elegance and versatility. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to renovate or a designer seeking inspiration, cement tiles offer an endless canvas of possibilities. Dive into the realm of patterns, colors, and textures with Original Mission Tile, where every tile is a piece of art.

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