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We have already found ways to include unicorns into our food, and now we’re trying to bring another mythical creature come to life in our homes—mermaids. Moroccan Fish Scale Tile has been available in the market for a while. However, these days, people are searching for mermaid scale decor more than ever.  If you’re looking for Moroccan Tile Bathroom Ideas, we have listed some of our favorite spaces with Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles in this blog.

Take a look at these artfully tiled spaces and we guarantee you’ll definitely want to get this mermaid-esque look in your own home.

List of Moroccan fish scale tile 8 Beautiful Bathrooms


#1. Minimal and Matte Look

moroccan fish scale tile, Minimal and Matte Look,


The matte gaze color tiles on the floor give a minimal and sophisticated look to your bathroom. We are sure this elegant texture won’t go unseen. The Satin black color absorbs the light and reflects an extraordinary texture.

#2. Moroccan Fish Scale Statement Wall

Moroccan Fish Scale Statement Wall, moroccan fish scale tile bathroom

These Moroccan fish scale tiles bring elegance to your bathroom space. You can use these tiles for partial or complete walls. Just make sure to choose a color that makes a statement. Moroccan Fish Scale Tile Backsplash are complete on their own, you don’t need to add any accessory or art to enhance your bathroom’s look. Let the tiles pop more by choosing contrasting bathroom essentials.

#3. Contrasting tiles with Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles

Contrasting tiles with Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles, Contrasting tiles with Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles

Contrasting Moroccan tiles with subway white tiles are a sophisticated way to let the Fish Scale Tile Bathroom pop. The white tiles and Moroccan tiles give this gloomy space a glamorous look.

#4. Floor To Ceiling Moroccan Tiles

Floor To Ceiling Moroccan Tiles, Floor To Ceiling Moroccan Tiles

Using Moroccan tiles for your complete bathroom – from floor to ceiling, will be a splurge but it’ll give you feeling like you’re under the sea. This calming feeling is just worth it.

#5. Speckled Coloring

Speckled Coloring fish scale tile, fish scale tile bathroom

If you want multiple colors in your bathroom, this speckled coloring bathroom design is perfect for you. The light color Morrocan fish scale tiles don’t overpower the look of your complete bathroom. Get this look for your bathroom by using a neutral base with sparse pops of color. Your bathroom will look more elegant if you can contrast it with glaze color hardware.

#6. Brighten Small Spaces

Brighten Small Spaces, Brighten Small Spaces

You can make your smaller sized bathroom look larger by using light color Moroccan tiles. Light colors will brighten up space and make it appear wide, the curved shape increases the apparent visual space.

#7. Go Suttle Bathroom Look

Go Suttle Bathroom Look, moroccan fish scale tile

This Moroccan Bathroom Design is featured on Elle Décor and is designed by a renowned designer Emily Henderson. The designer did a great job by giving a formerly dark, gloomy space a stylish look with white paint and soft blue fish scale tiles.

#8. Feminine Look Bathroom

Feminine Look Bathroom, Feminine Look Bathroom

Ladies, you can add a feminine touch to your bathroom by using a pink color Moroccan Fish Scale Tile Bathroom. You can freshen up your bathroom space by adding planters and plant holders to the tiles. Incorporating plant life to your bathroom is a little touch but we’re sure it will make a huge difference to the whole vibe in your bathroom.

Feeling Inspired?

We are sure you must be feeling inspired by the above-shared bathroom designs and want to design your bathrooms like them. So what are you waiting for? Order them, install them, and fall in love with your mermaid-esque bathroom. Want more ideas to design your bathroom space, follow us!