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Without a doubt, it has been a year of dizzying changes in countless industries and niches, among them construction and interior design. The way we conceive of the spaces in which we function and the kinds of needs they must meet has taken a much more wellness- and versatility-oriented turn, in tune with the health and adaptive priorities that became more present than ever during the pandemic.

Therefore, we want to close the year with five criteria that you should consider to make your next construction or interior design project more suitable for the new normality.

1.- Sustainability

Undoubtedly, the concern for caring for the environment and using raw materials and coatings that are more respectful to Mother Nature is here to stay. This criterion not only helps us to create spaces from a sustainable responsibility, but it also brings much-added value to each project. It is time to start reconsidering the methodology and suppliers we have to integrate the greenest possible options.

2.- Surfaces resistant to disinfection techniques

Constant disinfection of all surfaces we come in contact with is an excellent way to take care of our health and avoid contagions, but many of the chemicals used could damage the coatings with prolonged use. A good way to prevent this issue is to use coatings that are resistant to these substances and that are preferably antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

3.- Home office spaces

Today, more than ever, the home is also the office of thousands of people. Therefore, new construction and interior design projects must take into account distributions that allow having a space to work comfortably, without distractions, and with the best possible ergonomics. In small houses, interior design becomes more relevant because they allow creating, with moderate budgets, highly functional environments and strategic divisions.

4.- Acoustic insulation

In the same sense, just as environmental pollution is becoming an increasingly urgent issue to solve, in large cities noise pollution is increasingly a factor that puts at stake the quality of life of people and their ability to rest and concentrate. The choice of finishes in construction or interior design projects can combat this situation very effectively, so the more demanded finishes are those that combine sustainability and sound insulation.

5.- Organic Minimalism

Organic minimalism is a decoration trend that goes in tune with the environment and evokes feelings of harmony and balance with nature. Unlike the industrial decoration trends that dominated the scene in previous years, organic minimalism points to the raw aesthetic, neutral tones, open and bright spaces, as well as the use of materials such as natural textiles, light woods, bamboo, brick, and hydraulic tiles, all of the coatings that are characterized by a handmade and sustainable process.

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