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Artisanal cement tiles for bathrooms

The Artistry and Versatility of Artisanal Cement Tiles for Bathrooms

Artisanal cement tiles have been gracing homes and commercial spaces for centuries. Known for their durability, vibrant designs, and timeless appeal, they are a preferred choice for bathroom flooring and walls. But what makes artisanal cement tiles so special? And how do you go about choosing the right ones for your bathroom?

How Artisanal Cement Tiles are Made

These aren’t your average tiles. Artisanal cement tiles are crafted using traditional methods, preserving techniques that have been passed down through generations. The manufacturing process involves creating intricate patterns through pigmented cement, resulting in a unique, handmade aesthetic.

Customizability is another advantage. At Original Mission Tile, we offer the option to manufacture custom tiles tailored to your specific design needs. Whether it’s a contemporary geometric pattern or something more traditional, the possibilities are endless.

Artisanal Cement Tiles for Bathroom Floors

When considering tiles for your bathroom, durability and water-resistance are key. Our cement tile patterns 8×8 offer both, in addition to intricate designs that can serve as the focal point of the room.

For those seeking a simpler aesthetic, our plain color 8×8 tiles provide a sleek and modern look without sacrificing the signature craftsmanship of artisanal tiles.

The Allure of Hexagonal Patterns

If you’re looking to step outside the box, consider our hexagonal pattern tiles. These eye-catching designs can add a layer of complexity and aesthetic intrigue to your bathroom. For a more subtle approach, hexagonal tiles in plain colors are also available.

Smaller Spaces, Bigger Impact

For compact bathrooms, small details can make a significant impact. Our 2×8 brick tiles or 8×8 fishscale tiles can add texture and pattern to the space, making it look larger and more inviting.

Installation and Maintenance

Artisanal cement tiles can be easily installed and maintained. A professional installer can ensure a perfect fit, and sealing the tiles will make them water-resistant and durable. Regular cleaning with pH-neutral cleaners will keep them looking new for years.

Where to Buy

Discover the full range of artisanal cement tiles for bathrooms at Original Mission Tile. With a vast selection of designs in stock and the ability to manufacture custom designs, you’re sure to find the perfect tiles for your project.

Revamp your bathroom with the elegance and durability of artisanal cement tiles. Shop our collections now to bring your dream bathroom to life!

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