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Subway tiles are one of the excellent design features forever. This is because; subway tile bathroom works perfectly with almost design style, like modern and coastal bathrooms, bathrooms of your farmhouse and many more. By simply using a varying combination of shape, color, and arrangement, you may update any shape in no time. In this blog post, we have shared a few interesting ways to utilize any subway tile bathroom options.

  • Colorful Subway Tiles for Your Bathroom

Want to get the outstanding finish and glazing options associated with subway tiles, just go with colorful options related to subway tiles. These play a major role to add contemporary edge across any freestanding type of tub.

  • Accent Classic type of Subway Tiles

Subway tiles act as affordable options related to bathroom surfaces and walls. Because of this, using them to accomplish a variety of tile-related applications will likely result in a low-cost type of project. However, when you opt to add an accent or classic type of subway tile backsplash, it makes your tile highly interesting.

Along with this, you will find the combination of green and watery blue mosaic tile borders, as giving a lively look to any classic type of look of a subway tile. In other words, jewel-tone of tiles in combination with sharp edges acts as a transition from any simple laid-back type of subway tile to the stunning color-infused watery tiles nearby the mirror.

  • Subway Tiles with Herringbone Insets

Another best way to make the most from your subway tile bathroom is to go with herringbone inset in any white colored of subway tile shower. Tiles with herringbone inset not only gives an interesting yet eye-catching design but also has the same tile but in varying orientation. Prime benefits, in this case, are that it saves your money associated with bathroom renovation, involves easy tasks and give huge value to the selected design.

  • Variegated Marble-based Subway Tile

Gone those days when you find a subway style of bathroom tiles with uniform and boring ceramic structure. Instead, today, you will come across varieties of trendy styles associated with subway tile backsplash and bathroom tiles, including a unique variegated marble-based subway tile. As the name highlights, the product has marble tile in subway cut and features gray and gold veining to act as the perfect option for effortless movement and color combination. However, even though you will find the latest trend, the product features a classic subway pattern to use it for different stones and in turn enjoy plenty of surprising effects.

  • Contrasting Subway Tile in Combination with Surrounding White Pattern Tiles

Looking to overcome the monotonous pattern associated with white tiles in your bathroom just insert a contrasting type of subway tile in a unique way and direction. Only you require a different colored of tile in small amounts and installing it in any different angle to rest.

Some additional Tips:

Gold Leaf Subway Tiles or Black-White Combination of Subway Tiles

If you want to give a luxurious look to your master bathroom, you should make sure choosing for the latest and innovative gold leaf-based subway tile. Alternatively, you may go with an ultimate combination of black-white subway tiles, as white subway tiled walls act as a perfect accent to any black shower stalls.

Subway Tile with Some Depths in It

You should choose a subway tile, which has relatively more depth to give it a subtle texture. On doing this, you will still expect to get the same type of softness and make the product interesting.

Square Pattern of Subway Tiles

The large size and square patterns of subway tile bathroom often give a contemporary vibe to any bathroom and at the same time, retains a sense/feeling of timelessness. Wide grout lines are also helpful in providing a unique accent to the bathroom tile application, as you can expect from any special color or glaze. Subway tiles embody various interesting traits to come up with an outstanding and memorable shower experience. Thus, in an airy and light bathroom, you will find the bold structure of any tile design to ground the space and black grout as coordinating with the floor and countertop of your bathroom.

Subway Tile in Combination with Wallpapers

Subway tiles suit perfectly with different patterns, including the pattern formed by white wallpaper and flowered black. In this way, you will find a perfect combination of circle and rectangular pattern without creating an overwhelming situation. Besides this, as any blank canvas, classic white colored of subway tile is responsible to open countless décor options.