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Personalizing a kitchen is such an important part of claiming your space. One significant way to show your creativity and express yourself is the use of trending kitchen backsplash designs when doing up your kitchen. A backsplash is a space between the upper cabinets in a kitchen and the countertop. This area gives immense scope to add a little color or design or even texture to the whole space, making it a joy to be around in. It adds so much personality to the kitchen and gives a sense of vibrancy to an otherwise plain area. You can get as innovative as you like and the sky is the limit with how amazing you can make this part of your kitchen. There are a lot of options nowadays that can be used to do this.

kitchen backsplash design ideas

Trending Kitchen Backsplash Designs for 2020


The following are the top trends to bear in mind when doing up your backsplash:

1. Backsplash that Goes up to the Ceiling

It has become popular to use the backsplash tile kitchen design up to the ceiling. Irrespective of whether you are using tiles or other materials, going up to the ceiling creates a sense of flow in the room. The pattern continuing from the countertop to the ceiling gives the impression of the room coming together as a whole. It gives the place a modern yet timeless look. Depending on what sort of tile or material you use to do up the backsplash, it can produce very different results. It may be wise to try some different designs on patches before you choose to commit.

2. Reflective and Shiny Finishes

The use of reflective surfaces such as mirrors and even shiny materials can cause your space to look bigger. Both of these surfaces use the natural light that may enter your kitchen and use that effect to accentuate the aesthetic and feel of your kitchen. The use of appropriate lighting can create an appealing effect. This is a good choice if you want to go for something dramatic. A shiny metallic finish is also a good option to consider if you do not want to go with mirrors. They add a unique industrial type feel to space.

3. Use of Interesting Patterns

Everyone wants a one of a kind looks at their kitchen. A good way to spice things up with the backsplash is by using interesting patterns. You can consider using different ones such as a chevron pattern or a Herringbone pattern. The patterned backsplash design can even be taken up to the ceiling. The pattern can be as busy or as sparse as you want it to be. The use of a hexagonal pattern can be interesting too, especially with pretty colorful tiles.

4. Variety of Colors

A lot of new colors have become available in the market for all sorts of tiles, that can be used as a backsplash. You can choose a color that goes with the other furniture in your kitchen or you can choose something that does not go with it at all to create a dramatic contrast. There are a very large number of options to choose from. Not just colors but different textures may be employed too. A rule of thumb to bear in mind is to remember what sort of effect you are going for, is it trendy, warm and homely or energetic. That will help you make the right decision for you.

5. Use of Unique Materials

The use of different materials such as copper, stainless steel and so on, instead of just tiles, can go a long way in setting your backsplash apart. Mirrors are also interesting material to use. There is no limit to what materials you can use. You may even consider going for wood to do up the backsplash, however, do keep in mind the maintenance and the treatment that may be required. Once that is sorted, wood may be a great option for you.

6. Use of Colorful Accents

The use of beautiful colors on a plain tiled surface gives life to the entire set up. Say the use of gold accents on a black tile backsplash or a bright blue one on white tile. One may even consider using different colored tiles to create an interesting effect.

With the above trends, you are surely going to make an impression on anyone who enters your kitchen, yourself included. Making a space your own is a huge part of feeling at home, especially when at home. Whether you are remodeling an existing kitchen or building a new one, these ideas can help you liven the space up and mark it with your own unique brand of creativity.