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Marble is an ideal choice to adorn your home. It has a sense of affluence attached to it. Marble is often found in the most expensive and beautiful palaces that have often belonged to royalty. It is a natural material mined from the earth. It comes in different patterns and colors. Marble kitchen floor tiles look very pretty, they add a sense of finesse to a kitchen and give the interiors an extra boost. The three most popular types of marble are Breccia, Carrara, and Calacatta. All three of them have their unique features.

marble kitchen floors

Some specific pros and cons must be kept in mind when thinking about whether the marble tile kitchen floor is a good idea for you or not. They have been discussed below.

Pros of Marble Kitchen Floors

1. It is Available in Different Hues and Designs

Marble comes in beautiful patterns and colors. Each piece is unique, and the design depends on the slab from which it has been taken. Due to this one of a kind nature of this material, it is a highly valued commodity. The effect achieved by employing it will always be different and cannot be replicated.

2. It has a Beautiful Shine to it and can be Polished

Marble is a gleaming material. It can take on the polish to a high degree and has a beautiful shine to it once it has been polished. It also becomes very smooth once it has been refined. Light pleasingly interacts with marble, owing to the material’s translucence. This should give you some marble kitchen floors ideas. Imagine how great your modern kitchen would look with some polished marble in it.

3. It is Completely Natural

Marble comes entirely and totally from the Earth. It is not artificial in any way and, as a consequence, finds favor with people who prefer natural building materials to artificial ones. Further, marble can be easily recycled, thus, reducing the amount of pollution caused.

Cons of Marble Kitchen Floors

1. It is an Expensive Material

Marble is an expensive material to use. Owing to the different varieties and its one of a kind nature, the value of sculpture rises, making it costly. Further, depending on the quality and type of marble being used, the price might increase. It makes sense to have a budget chalked out before thinking about getting marble. However, it is pertinent to note that with the right sort of upkeep and maintenance, marble can last for a long time.

2. It is not Scratch Resistant

Marble being a soft stone, as compared to other stones, is vulnerable to scratches and other marks. Getting rid of these scratches may be difficult and require the services of a trained professional. Due care must be taken if marble is being used.

3. Prone to Stains

Due to marble’s alkalinity, it is susceptible to stains from acidic substances, which are found aplenty in the kitchen if the stain is not tended to immediately, it might cause a permanent stain to appear.

4. Hard to Maintain

Marble requires regular upkeep and maintenance to keep it going. Care, such as using a sealing agent from time to time, and proper cleaning needs to be done. Further, getting marble installed is a costly process, and removing it is not an easy procedure either. Such maintenance is time-consuming and may even be expensive.

5. May lead to Environmental Degradation

While marble in and of itself is all-natural, but the process of mining and quarrying that is involved in the excavation of marble is terrible for the environment. It has a slew of adverse effects on the environment, which is why its use has come under the scanner for not being very environmentally friendly.

6. Slippery

Marble tends to become slippery once it has been polished, reducing the friction between the floor and one’s shoe. This needs to be kept in mind when getting marble put in areas that tend to stay wet or damp such as washrooms. If your kitchen is often wet, then using marble might not be the best idea, and wet marble is a safety hazard.

Now that you have seen the pros and cons of what marble floors bring to the table, so to say, it puts you in a better position to decide whether it is a good option for your home. The many beautiful varieties, types, and colors will surely add a sense of sophistication to your immediate surroundings and exude a sense of prosperity, which is always a good thing. Let spending time in your kitchen be even more rewarding and aesthetically pleasing with a kitchen design marble floor.

These are some of the best pros and cons that you can keep in mind when choosing the right marbles for your kitchen.