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Where to Buy Cement Tiles in Arizona

Arizona Cement Tiles


Cement tiles have long been cherished for their durability and aesthetic versatility, making them a favorite for both residential and commercial projects in Arizona. Whether you’re refurbishing a quaint café in downtown Phoenix or renovating a home in Tucson, selecting the right cement tiles can significantly enhance your space. But where can you find these beautiful, handcrafted tiles in the Grand Canyon State? This guide will direct you to the best places for cement tiles in Arizona.

Understanding Cement Tiles

Before we dive into where to purchase these tiles, let’s understand what makes cement tiles so unique and why they are a preferred choice for many.

What Are Cement Tiles?

Cement tiles are handcrafted from cement mixed with mineral pigments and a layer of concrete, pressed and cured to form a durable and decorative piece. Known for their vibrant patterns and colors, these tiles are perfect for creating a statement floor or a striking accent wall.

Benefits of Using Cement Tiles

  • Durability: Cement tiles are known for their long-lasting qualities, suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Design Flexibility: Available in various colors and patterns, they can be laid in numerous configurations to create unique, eye-catching designs.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from natural materials, they are an environmentally sustainable choice for building and remodeling.

Where to Buy Cement Tiles in Arizona

Finding the right supplier is crucial to getting quality cement tiles that meet your project’s aesthetic and functional needs.

Local Tile Boutiques

Many Arizona towns and cities boast boutique shops that specialize in high-quality, artisan tiles. These shops often offer a range of unique, handcrafted cement tiles:

  • Phoenix Artisan Tile Co.: Known for their bespoke tile designs and comprehensive design consultation services.
  • Tucson Tile Oasis: Offers a wide selection of imported and domestic tiles, with a focus on sustainable and artisan-crafted products.

Online Retailers

If local options are limited or if you’re looking for convenience, several reputable online retailers ship high-quality cement tiles to Arizona:

  • Original Mission Tile: We specialize in high-quality, traditional and modern designs of cement tiles, available for shipping throughout Arizona. Visit us online at
  • TileBar: A well-known online tile store that offers a variety of cement tiles, with samples available upon request.

Home Improvement Stores

For those who prefer to see tiles in person, larger home improvement chains such as Home Depot and Lowe’s may carry a selection of cement tiles. They offer the advantage of viewing the tiles before purchasing, although their range may be less specialized than boutique or online stores.

Latest Trends in Cement Tile Designs

Incorporating Modern Farmhouse Style

The Modern Farmhouse style remains popular in Arizona, characterized by its rustic yet refined aesthetics. Cement tiles with traditional patterns in muted colors or simple geometric designs fit this style beautifully.

Bold Geometric Patterns

As contemporary design grows in popularity, so does the use of bold geometric patterns in flooring. Cement tiles are ideal for creating striking designs that can serve as the focal point of a room.

Installation Tips

Proper installation is crucial to maximizing the beauty and longevity of cement tiles:

  • Professional Installation: It’s recommended to hire a professional tile installer familiar with cement tiles for the best results.
  • Sealing the Tiles: Cement tiles should be sealed before and after grouting to protect their colors and surfaces from staining.


Whether you’re a seasoned interior designer or a homeowner embarking on your first remodeling project, finding the right cement tiles can significantly impact the outcome of your endeavor. In Arizona, from local boutiques to comprehensive online shops, there are plenty of options to find the perfect cement tiles for your needs. By choosing the right tiles and ensuring proper installation, you can enjoy beautiful and durable results that will enhance your space for years to come.