Cement Tiles Kitchen Floors

Private project in Washington, DC


Models: Toulouse & Sofia


Handmade Cement Tiles by Original Mission Tile


Cement tiles were intalled in Kitchen and Bathroom floors using a heating floor system.

We recommended to use solid color cement tiles around the borders tiles to fill the spaces below the cabinet and furniture.

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  1. Sandy Tull October 30, 2015 at 12:23 pm #

    We had concrete flooring in the house I lived in while growing up, and it made a wonder of a difference! It will slowly soak in the heat/cold air while the AC/heater is on, and then continuously radiate it while the unit is off! It saved us hundreds in bills (AZ, go figure), but even if the concrete tiling is going on a wall or over wood, it will still save you lots of money!

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