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Marble Tile Bathroom

Selecting tiles for your bathroom styling is not an easy job. The large variety of design, shape, colour, and texture can be overwhelming and challenging to pick. Marble tiles have an aesthetic impact. Identify the top marble tile bathroom trends that you should look out for. These styles focus on the finishes, colours, shapes, and patterns and are super trendy.

1) Graphic Styling

Graphic marble styling can be used on the floor or wall; it’s the perfect tile! Play around with soft subtle hues or bold contrasting colours and patterns which will lure you in and capture your heart. This style will give you the chance to tap your creative side!

2) Earthy Glossy Tiles Styling

Glossy marble tile bathroom gives a more dramatic effect, creating a polished, classy and elegant look. Brilliant Marble tile bathroom makes space look larger than it seems, as they seem to reflect plenty of light. Though these marble bathroom floor tiles slip hazards and need more maintenance work, thus mostly used on walls. But nothing can beat the elegance & sophistication!

3) Matte Finishes

This styling has an advantage as these tiles do not show smudges and watermarks easily. This makes them ideal for the marble floor tile bathroom and walls, and the low soft shine it easier to maintain. The only concern that these tiles require enough lighting, both natural and artificial, as these tiles are not known for reflecting light.

4) Contemporary Neutral Color Styling

This is the new edgy, stylish design; nude neutrals are so in! Aqua & cream, grey & beige, orange & yellow are popular as complementary neutrals. White works perfect for bathrooms that need excess brightnessWhite marble tile bathroom is forever trendy and classy. This gives a calm and relaxed look!

5) Textural Tiled 

Go for textured field marble tile styling if you are looking for variation, colour depth, and surface interest. This styling is considered a piece of art as this category comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and combos for a one of a kind space. This kind of bathroom brings out elegance.

6) Metallic Finishes

Indeed, this is one of the most beautiful Marble tile bathroom ideas! This will give a shiny, reflective, yet edgy look. This is not much popular, but this styling will pop up soon in years, giving bathrooms a unique look!

7) Traditional Large Tiles

Large marble bathroom wall tiles provide a complete uniform look to your bathroom. Generally, Large tiles are used for flooring. This is one of the commonly used styles, but nowadays these standard large tiles are replaced with wooden planks to give a different, non-traditional look. It provides an organic feel which is required for a bathroom space.

8) The Many Shades of Marble Tiles

Colourful walls, floors, and finishes are personalized interior designs. Double shades like Red and pale rose or rich brown and sea green, orange to grey colourful marble tiles can give a customized layered look and enhance the interiors. After all, sophistication is the key!

9) Subway Tiles

Some may think subway tiles can be tedious. You may think subway tiles can be dull, those white rectangles can be quite commonplace. With time these tiles also offer multiple colours, larger sizes, and dome, bevelled, arched, and sculptural design patterns. Pair contrasting soft colours or use various shades of tile in a vertical or horizontal band or try different patterned tiles to create a delightful unique design. This styling is becoming popular as mismatches tile patterns or textures give that unique bathroom design that you desire!

10) Dimensional Tiles

With time, colours and patterns of tiles that are getting more diverse, manufacturers are also playing around with different shapes, providing unique styles and colours. Create your patterns, using different coloured tiles, and repeat through space. Significant solo design patterns, multiple geometric shape tiles can be combined with colour patterns to create complicated and visually arresting styles, it will give an impression of space, especially when matched well with neutral colours. Especially, Hexagonal tiles are so in! 

11) Modern Rustic

Wood is a risky choice for the bathroom, but you can use the rustic, textural looking tiles, which will give a wooden look. These type of tiles combine the rugged beauty of wood with the strength and durability of porcelain.

12) Penny Tile

Penny marble wall tiles bathroom entitles another classic that’s currently in vogue. This marble styling gives a classic luxurious look. This style is available in a variety of colours; for a bright, airy look, try a neutral or a light wine or blue! Make your pattern and style your bathroom with all-time favorite black penny marble.

With so much variety, colour, finish, patterns and shapes, choosing the right marble tiles for your bathroom can be quite a challenge. However, marble bathroom floors and tiles will always remain a superb, classic choice for almost any style bathroom. Choose wisely, and what suits your taste!