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Designers, homeowners, and the aesthetically-driven are well acquainted with the iconic Subway Tile pattern that adorns kitchens in homes, apartments, mansions, and townhouses alike. Anyone with a keen eye could tell you that the origin of the Subway Tile can be traced to the famous New York City Subway system. Today this tile pattern has become a staple part of any design-forward Kitchen not only for the neat and polished look it offers but also its easy-of-use and sanitary value. It was the last two qualities that made the designers of the New York Subway pick this tile in particular. The original New York Subway was tiled with white glass, but today the Subway Tile kitchen backsplash is available in a wide array of mediums including marble, glass, stone, etc.

modern mosaic tile backsplash

The Subway Tile Backsplash is incredibly popular for several reasons other than its timeless aesthetic. The backsplash is resistant to staining, effortless to clean and adds beautiful dimension and depth the walls of your kitchen, that would otherwise be bland and unappealing. It even makes the pots, pans, shelves, and other kitchen paraphernalia look instantly showy and smart against the kitchen backsplash designs subway tile.

The subway kitchen backsplash is instantly recognizable for its white color and brick-wall patterning. Contemporary designers have, however, taken the original, timeless idea and come up with innovative modern twists.

Here are Incredible Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

1. Dark Gloss Fantasy

An edgy take on the classic subway kitchen backsplash, this pattern is usually a dark monochrome of black, dark brown or even dark green, laid in the standard layout. It immediately adds a wow-factor to any open plan kitchen and complements the colors of the kitchen countertops.

2. Contemporary Industrial Accents

Standard subway tiles kitchen can sometimes wash out the fixtures and cabinets in a kitchen. For those industrial revivalists, the original white tile pattern is contoured & lined tastefully with metal strips that will make the kitchen fittings pop, especially if for wooden cabinets and metal fittings.

3. Colour Me This!

Deviating from white, this concept prefers a light, breezy single-color palette along the walls. It brings a sense of bright whimsy to kitchens that might otherwise feel heavy with all its fixtures. Colors can range from lime green to red to fuchsia to whatever is desirable! The only limits are your imagination.

4. Pastel Palettes

A hugely popular trend among newer homeowners is to choose several colors from the same palette, pastels such as sky blue or auburn or rosette pink, and mix them up. That way, the subway tile patterns kitchen backsplash can stand out in with multiple hues without being too loud.

5. Chrome & Steel

Taking a page from the revivalists, this subway tile backsplash kitchen is designed for the modern kitchen that loves showing off its silver chrome countertops, appliances, built-in features, and steel finishing. Chrome & steel strips running in vertical or horizontal patterns convey sleek, futuristic yet sophisticated feel to your cooking space. It works particularly well with state-of-the-art high-tech kitchens modified to house kitchen gadgets, smart refrigerators, etc.

6. Pitter Patterns

Why stick with the standard brick-wall pattern when one can get creative! Throwing out the rulebook, using the tiles in interesting arrangements will make the kitchen a featured piece of interior design. Crosshatching, vertical stacks, herringbone patterns all fun and unique ways to allow the kitchen to highlight its other subtler features against the backdrop.

7. Borderline Design

Often subway tile backsplashes are arranged seamlessly into each other, giving the illusion that the tile borders are subtle or even non-existent. Conceptualizing and playing with the idea of outlines, this design has bold and prominent tile outlines that are both retro and chic at once. Highlighted borders are eclectic and exude a homely warmth to the room that they line and are incredibly versatile in pairing with other countertops, furniture, or fixtures. Another popular variation to this it the grout-base border subway tile kitchen backsplash pattern that allows for rawer, industrial finish to the kitchen.

8. The Marvellous Bevel

Since subway tile kitchen backsplashes are now available in various materials and mediums, the texture and depth of the tiles themselves have also seen the evolution. An increasingly popular trend, the beveled subway tiles add a richness of dimension to the walls of the kitchen while maintaining the carefully curated sophistication of affluence. They are reminiscent of Victorian and English architecture and are perfect for any mansion or townhouse.