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Picking up perfect bathroom tiles design that works for you and your space is very important. Doing so is not an easy task anymore given a large number of options available. Earlier the main consideration was functionality related, that is whether the tile would be sturdy, slippery, water-resistant, resistant to abrasion and so on. However, with the advent of new technology, a slew of new options have become available that allow one to get both form and function. After all, without a great aesthetic appeal, everything becomes boring rather quickly. There are so many things you can do with the options available. You can pick colorful graphic tiles to showcase your taste or use tiles with a metallic finish for a unique, almost industrial feel or perhaps go for the marble to add a classy touch.

bathrrom tiles design trends 2020

The following are the top trends that you must bear in mind when picking the bathroom tiles design for your home:

1. Use of Colorful Graphics Pattern

The use of graphic tiles is gaining popularity and this trend is here to stay. You can choose to use a bold graphic print to create a dramatic contrast in the bathroom or you can go for something more subtle and understated that complements the color scheme that is already there. This is a great way to express your creativity. Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are being used, with the former being a more recent addition. The number of options will only continue to grow.

2. Matte Finish Tiles

Matte finish tiles have continued to be a well-liked trend for a while now and good reason. Matte tiles are not shiny or glossy. They have an elegant look to them. Since they do not reflect light as much, smudges on them are not as visible as they are on glossy tiles. This makes taking care of them easier. They are also not as slippery as glossy tiles are, thus making them a better alternative, especially for bathroom floors. That being said, glossy tiles are still popular for the neat, polished feel that they give off. Their ability to reflect light may come in handy especially in smaller washrooms. Depending on the look and feel that you are going for, and the size of your bathroom, matte tiles are a great option to consider.

3. Use of Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are an excellent option if you want to create a luxurious look. Marble is a natural material and every slab has its unique design. A marble look will, therefore, create a one of a kind pattern. However, one’s budget must be borne in mind when shopping for materials as high end as marble. If you are on a budget, considering the use of tiles that look like marble might be a good option as well. In terms of color, there has been a return to more soft tones, to allow the beauty of the marble to come through.

4. Use of Interesting Textures

To add more pizazz to your bathroom, you can consider using textured tiles. They can be used in combination with other tiles to create an eye-catching contrast, to give more variation to the layout of your loo. The textures used can be as bold or as understated as you want them to be, based on the vibe that you are going for. Certain designs to keep an eye out for would be 3D dimensional tiles and raked tiles.

5. Use of Tiles with a Metallic Finish

With a metallic finish, your bathroom will look shiny and bright, giving it an overall trendy look. This is an upcoming look that will be big in the coming years. If your washroom gets natural light this will help you create an interesting and pleasing look with its help. Its reflective nature adds a sense of space and depth to the bathroom, not to mention the fact that it looks very modern and chic.

6. Use of Interesting Patterns

The shapes of the tiles being used are also seeing change. Now, instead of just going for plain old squares and rectangles, you can consider going for other geometric shapes such as the hexagon. This added with beautiful patterns and textures is sure to make your washroom stand out.

With the above ideas, you can decide how to make your bathroom look unique and figure out how you can use a large number of options available to create the perfect look for your bathroom. The importance of claiming a space as your own cannot be overemphasized. Using these ideas to carve out the perfect vibe that you want for your bathroom will be a breeze. Let your creativity take over and go forth!